My family whether crazy, insane or something else, they're still family. For the past seventeen years they have terrorized by life adding more people to the torture chamber over the years.


Though divorced and are now both married to other people. My parents are easily the greatest influences in my life desicions.


My mother is one of the strongest people I know. She is a teacher and is very reasonable but when she gets mad one should run for the hills. Through her actions, I got interested in literature. She gives lots of advice but accepts that people have to make their own mistakes.


My dad is very calm person, who is also a teacher. Unfortunately for me, he doesn't know when not to be a teacher and keeps on bugging me about school. At the same time it is hard to talk to him as a person not a parent. Though annoying at times, he has supported me in my pursuit of music.



My very strange, eccentric step-father was the father of four children before he happily settled down with my mother. Whether from me watching, or him instructing, I've learned a lot from him. He works as a computer programmer and runs a little business called 'Microtopia'. Computers is only one his talents. He knows tons about law, cooking, math, chemistry and various other things.


Barbara married Dad a year after she met him and frankly is good for him. While he can be lax in various areas, she knows when to pressure him. Like my dad she works with children but instead of teaching them, she runs a small daycare 'Roots and Wings'. Barb tries hard to be a good parent, and exposes her son, my half-brother to many different things.

Genetic Brothers


My eldest brother including my step-brothers. He has always looked out for me and despite the fact I don't need it, he still does. He has a flare for writing movie reviews of all things. Though currently unemployed, Patrick is a nice dedicated worker, he literally wouldn't hurt a fly!


My only half-brother, he is the youngest of all my brothers and is the child of my dad and my step-mother. Arden is merely two years old, but runs around like crazy. He is very sweet natured and loves books and music most of all. Sadly, I see only every two weeks and am more like an aunt to him than a sister.


Alastair and Ian

My youngest step-brothers, ages ten and twelve are the children of my step-father's second marriage. Both of them are smarter and more manipulative than they look. The little brats pester me constantly, but in truth it doesn't bother me any longer. You hear one insult, you eventually hear them all. After all the years I've been with them, they are my brothers as much as Patrick and Arden.

Christopher and Thomas

The oldest of my step-brothers, Chris and Thomas are my step-father's kids from his first marriage. They are known for making bad joke after bad joke. I see Chris rarely, but Thomas has now moved into my house. In truth, these guys are more like cousins rather than brothers.

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