I've read a few different Yamcha and Bulma break up stories and I didn't picture it the same way as those authors, so now here is my interpretation. I wrote this to help me to get over my writer's block for 'The Grey Keeper' and 'Kakarot's Revenge'. I proud to say this one doesn't put down Yamcha, Bulma or Vegeta, so enjoy!


"I want to break up," Bulma said and an eerie silence filled the room. A tension seemed to build as seconds seemed to feel like hours and all that time they just faced each other, their faces blank masks, each waiting for the other to say something.

It didn't seem like any of the other so called 'break ups' where it had been screamed in the heat of an argument or said with an unnatural coldness that just didn't work. This time it was a mere statement with no strings attached no possibilities of reconciliation. This time it was a mere fact.

Over time it had began to be like a pattern that they were all to use to. Get in a fight. Break up. Then get back together.

"Okay," Yamcha answered and the emptiness quivered for a second then settled.

That one word seemed to be the most inadequate thing possible but what could be said? No, I want us to stay together? That wouldn't work. They're whole relationship had merely been based on convenience and nothing more.

Still, it had had good times. Exploring, going out, looking for the dragonballs, even the arguments had been worth it to some extent. Now it was over, just like that.

"So who is the lucky guy?" he asked with a bitter laugh which sounded more like a cough. Maybe it was Krillin or Tien.


In an odd way Yamcha wasn't surprised. It made sense in an odd way for whom else but the Prince of Saiyans could stand up to Bulma Briefs? They were both stubborn, hotheaded at times. Yes… they would make a good match.

"I guess I'll be seeing you," he said and she gave him a curt nod in return, then they turned around, and started walking off, all the while the tension continued to build until the air almost vibrated with it.

Yamcha looked back for second and found Bulma's gaze meeting his. Before he knew it they had bounded into the middle of the room and were hugging each. There was no love in the hug, not the romantic kind any ways, but an almost fear, a worry that they would never experience the good times again.

"Friends?" Bulma whispered.

Looking her straight in the eyes he answered "Friends."

Once again they started off this time there was no regret only satisfaction.


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