Goku tasted a berry and immediately regreted. It was sweet with slightly tangy that gave a nice flavour to it and the juice spread through his mouth making his tastebuds cry out for more and his stomach rumble. Using a great deal of self control, he put down the basket containing the other berries, somehow without eating without one more.

He had managed to get quite a good deal of food together without gobbling any of it, and he proudly surveyed his collection. Five huge fishes hanging by their tails from a tree branch, six baskets of berries including the one he had just brought, a dozen apples, and six more baskets of mushrooms. Goku only hoped it would be enough.

Gathering some wood, he used a small blast of ki to light a fire, brought a fish over. He had wanted to borrow some spices from Chi Chi's kitchen but when he had thought about it, well… he didn't feel like death by frying pan. He didn't dare think about using the kitchen itself either. Last time he had done so there had been some unforgetiful experiences. At least he wasn't the only one, despite Gohan's scientific abilities, the demi-saiyan had caused the rest of them to have nightmares thanks to his soup, and whenever he asked any of the others about their cooking expertise, he was met with a long silence followed by many hasty excuses.

Goku held the fish in the heart of the fire with his bare hands and enjoyed the warmth. He waited there for a while and eventually took it out when it smelled right.

Improvising a sauce, he squished some berries and mushrooms together and smeared it onto the fish. Steeling himself, he ripped off a piece of the fish and slowly stuck it into his mouth. It tasted… it tasted… GOOD!?

Letting himself celebrate in his victory for a while, he finished off the fish and happily cooked the others, giving each of them the same treatment.

Vegeta and Bulma should arrive soon, he thought and opening his mind, he sensed the enormous ki that was Vegeta flying in his direction with Bulma's much smaller power most likely in her hovercar about five minutes behind.

Soon enough, Vegeta arrived. Seeing the form of Goku far below, he stopped in midair righted himself and shot down to earth as fast as he could in an attempt to shock the third class. Unfortunately, the other saiyan only smiled and Vegeta felt a twinge of annoyment..

"Hi Vegeta, " said Goku, "glad you could make. How are you doing?"

"Where's the food, Kakarot?" Vegeta asked automatically, ignoring the comment, but before Goku could answer, the prince spotted the fish near the fire and like the good little saiyan he was, he went straight for it.

"Hey wait a sec!" protested Goku jumping in front of Vegeta. "We've got to wait for Bulma."

Vegeta's eyes widened ever so slightly and gave Goku a look of disbelief. "Wait for that woman? I am the Prince of Saiyans and she is the Beast from HFIL."

"It wouldn't be polite to go and eat without her," reasoned Goku.

"I DON'T CARE IF IT ISN'T POLITE!" growled Vegeta.

Part of him knew this was going overboard, but it seemed like that woman was taking over his life. Always ordering him around. Vegeta, don't do this. Vegeta, don't touch that. Vegeta, if you're going to eat all the food, you might as well go to the store to get more. Vegeta, don't blow up the gravity room more than twice a day. No, you're not allowed to kill him.

The woman seemed to have absolutely no respect for royalty. Only calling him 'prince' when she added sarcasm to it. She was an infuriating baka, who if he had his way, she would long be dead. No wonder that human Yamcha and her kept on breaking up.

Goku didn't budge."Vegeta, I suggest you sit down if you want to eat when Bulma is here."

It took all of Vegeta's self control not to smash the other man's face in right there and then. He actually had quite a good temper, but he definitely wasn't in his best of moods. He grunted and after glaring at Goku for while, he faced away from the food.

Bulma arrived a few minutes later, gliding over the saiyans' heads in her hovercar and landing in a clearing nearby. Quickly, she capsulised her car and walked over to Goku and Vegeta.

She scanned the area. There was a good size fire, a bunch of fish and apples stacked near Goku, who seemed to be guarding the food, and His Self Proclaimed Ruler of the Universe and Everything Else, the great, fantastic, and incredibly arrogant Prince Vegeta of Vegeta-sei.

To her surprise she didn't see anyone else. There was no inseperable Tien and Choutzu, no Yamcha, no Krillin, or even the coward of a pig Oolong. "Where is everyone?"

Goku rubbed the back of his in a purely Son gesture and said "Uh, they couldn't make it."

Bulma examined her best friend and raised an eyebrow. This didn't seem like him. Goku was acting uneasy, but she supposed it was none of her business. "So what did Chi Chi make?" Chi Chi always made the best meals. It surprised her to this day that Chi Chi wasn't a professional cook.

Goku smiled. "She didn't cook, I did."

There was a silence that came over the area and Bulma felt her breath catch in her throat. "You cooked?" she said, hoping this was some kind of joke. Though she couldn't claim that her own cooking was good… Well okay… her cooking stunk big time, but this…

"Yes, I cooked," Goku answered, a knowing look in his eye and walking over to his fish, he tore a piece off one and handed it to her. "Just try, you'll like.

Bulma assumed that he knew that he couldn't cook, but now he had gone and decided to try after all. Vegeta didn't seem any happier. Sighing, she regarded the fish in her hands. It was covered with a brownie-pinkie guck and she wondered if it had fallen in some mud. Fighting the urge to throw it down and run for it, she sunk her teeth into it.

Her eyes widened with shock and she looked at Goku. "You made this?"

He nodded with a smirk.

"It's good," she managed. It was good, but GOKU made it?

"Thanks, I'll get some plates." With that Goku pressed to fingures to his forhead and disapeared. Meanwhile Vegeta and Bulma were alone together.

Just on a note. Technically this was my first fanfic that I wrote a while back on some paper in one of my school binders, but I forgot about it and didn't find it until now.

One other thing, I hope I am not making Goku seem like an idiot. I've never felt he is one, but more than anything I think he can be naïve at times.

For next chapter we'll see how much I can made Veggie and Bulma suffer. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!