Trunks sat on the floor and stared at the clock on the bathroom wall. The clock seemed to taunt him; of all the shapes that his mother could of picked, she had chosen a pizza, a PIZZA-shaped clock and its two hands being pointed at 12:14 reminding him of the lunch he was missing didn't seem to help. Of course he doubted that there would have been lunch anyways. Somehow he didn't think Gohan, Tousan and the others were somewhere munching on some chow.

His stomach growled. It seemed odd that with everything going on, he was actually feeling hungry. Most people lost their appetites when they were scared but as far as he could tell it only made saiyans, or at least half-saiyans even more hungry.

Goten at least didn't seem to be bothered. He was lying his back in the middle of the room still sleeping. There had been murmurs in his sleep but other than that the boy seemed quiet, almost too quiet for Trunks' liking.

Krillin had wanted him to take care of Goten and he was doing the best he could, every muscle in his body had wanted and still wanted to charge out the door and follow the human. He felt useless just sitting here waiting for something to happen and he toyed with the idea.

I wouldn't be much of a help either. I just stood there while Goten was hurt, like a little baby, but babies are helpless and I am not.

I am a stupid coward.

What if I had waited a second longer? Goten would be dead and Tousan and the others wouldn't know that… he was out to get them.

I know why Krillin had told me to stay. It was because if I went, I'd just mess things up and just stand there like the coward I am.

He sat on the bathroom floor wallowing in his own self-pity. Trunks for the first time in years felt like crying, something he had long since forbidden himself to do. It wasn't like he hadn't failed at things before, but usually in those cases it had been easy to move on and not worry about the consequences. The simple fact was that he had failed Goten.

Finally, he forced himself to do something other than mope. Crawling over Goten, Trunks opened the cupboard beneath the sink and rummaged through its contents: About a dozen towels and cloths, some shampoo bottles, soap, conditioner (all too necessary for Vegeta's hair), and a first aid kit.

Trunks took the kit and looking through its supplies. He was disappointed not to find any senzu beans. Who would think you needed senzu beans when you had a perfectly good healing tank? But none the less he found some more bandages and some rubbing alcohol that might be good for Goten's neck injury. It felt good to do something and he looked for a painkiller that he could somehow feed the other boy.

Remind me to never, EVER, get tied up with Vegeta again, thought Gohan, and just to be safe he made a mental note.

He and Vegeta back to back were hovering five centimetres from the floor, Gohan facing down at the floor and the saiyan prince looking up at the ceiling. It had taken them almost thirty minutes to get like that and if that hadn't been bad enough, it had been thirty of arguing, yelling, bashing into things, power ups, and general discomfort.

Every time they had attempted to something had got in the way. Untying hadn't worked in the least, since neither could get their hangs anywhere near the knots. The first time they had tried flying, they had gone a fraction too high and the rope connecting to there own bonds to the door handle would thrown them off balance, making them land back on the floor. It wasn't much easier now. If they raised their power levels too high, Goku might get suspicious and come back, but if they kept too low, flying would be made impossible.

Gohan had always prided himself on being able to control his anger, yet had also learned to let it lose when it was needed to give an extra boost during a fight, but with the experiences of the day, he wanted to smash something and badly.

I can't let this control me. He had to get free and to do that he couldn't let his emotions rule him. What about those back on Earth? Bulma would no longer have a husband and son. His mother would lose her youngest and her husband. Or had Kaasan ever really had Goku? What about Videl and Pan? A shiver shot through him.

If Goku made his wish, his daughter would grow up with a killing machine for her father. Would she become raised as a ruthless saiyan? His baby girl a warrior without any morals? Or would she be murdered with Vegeta and Trunks?

Videl… she would no doubt fight until the end. Ironically, it was her at least partially her fault that they were out here in the first place. She had suggested to Bulma that the saiyans go on an off planet trip while the construction workers replaced a section of Capsule Corp.. Trunks and Goten had been pestering Vegeta, the prince had sent a ki blast their way and they managed to dodge. The blast hadn't been powerful enough to hurt the two demi-saiyans, but that didn't go for the part of Capsule Corp. that it had hit.

So, his wife had innocently suggested the idea, and they all had been completely for it, and Krillin had wanted to tag along as well. Who knew what would have known the dark repercussions for such a simple idea?

Gohan heard Vegeta grumble to him "Well, have you stopped day dreaming or are you enjoying this?"

The demi-saiyan cleared his mind and slowly he and Vegeta edged towards the door.

Trunks sat against the wall and looked down at Goten feeling a little proud of himself. He had found some Tylenol and crushed a couple up, he had dissolved them in water, then carefully fed to Goten. He knew that the pills were could for mild pain like headaches and helping people sleep and not really for something like the other saiyan's neck, but none the less, Goten seemed to be sleeping easier.

He closed his eyes and opened his mind to the ki of the others in the ship. No sign him or Krillin. Trunks wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing. If there were any major confrontation between anyone on the ship, they would probably have to raise their ki, but at the same time something may have happened when he wasn't paying attention.

Goten's own power had naturally suppressed itself, a talent that seemed to be mainly unconscious when it came to humans, but if one focused hard enough, they would feel him. When it came right down to it, unconscious ki abilities would not be a match for someone who knew where to look… or in this case feel.

Tousan and Gohan's powers seemed incredibly faint, steady but faint. At the first second he felt them, he had almost assumed that they had been severely injured recently, yet if that were the case, he doubted that their powers would stay at the same level.

Hopefully they were planning something. Trunks to be honest wasn't sure how much Krillin could do for them. Kaasan had told him plenty of stories about the 'good old days' when she was still young, and she claimed that the ex-monk was reliable and Trunks certain she was right, but Krillin's ki was only a little over a million and Goku's was considerably higher than that.

Rubbing his back against the wall, to try to get rid of an itch bothering, he felt a flicker of ki near by, and suddenly was alert. A cat with haunches raised. The flicked had been small, but it was certainly there. He glanced at the door uneasily and his eyes flashed to where the hinges should have been, and felt himself tense.

The hinges were outside and if he could open an air vent with his bare hands, was it possible for the same to be done with a door? All that was needed was for the pins that connected the door hinges to the wall, and lock or no lock, it wouldn't be enough.

There was a scratch on the door.