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Kakarot dug into himself and used a flicker of his ki to put himself into the air just so his feet brushed the slimey gunk covering the bathroom floor. The stuff lay there below him, submissive to one that it knew his power should have been, yet it had showed its rebellion and a good ruler let no infraction pass him by. Forming ki in his left hand, he threw it onto the floor with a quick flick of the wrist. It instantly evaporated the stuff.

Some part of him understood how idiotic it was to destroy the guck as if to punish it. The stuff was a slippery liquid and not a living thing. It had been spread across the ground by Trunks and not gone there of its own free will. Shampoo with free will? Still, while logic told him he was wrong, his mind continued to rave, betraying him with every idea.

He was insane, that much he had long come to terms with and he had long since learned that he just didn't care. After so many years of the watching everything around him and feeling his body move against his will, the insanity had been his only real companion. People said that you weren't mad if you thought you were mad, but he knew better.

The supposed future ruler of the universe was getting annoyed. Vegeta's brat had caused problems not once, not twice, but three times. True they were trivial things at first glance. Him getting away and later assisting the human with taking his youngest son from him, then disgracing him.

Why had the boy taken Goten anyway? Had Vegeta not taught his son a word of saiyan culture? Goten would die a death fit for a king. To die for the allowing a family to ascend to royal status was an honour, when the child reached Zereuf, the saiyans would treat him as one of the royal family, a high one too. Even if for some reason he didn't succeed in becoming the new king of the saiyans, it was considered a great honour to be sacrificed in an attempt for glory.

This was the sort of reason that Vegeta had to die. It was so simple really. One didn't have to point out his many flaws to know that it had to be this way. The flaws didn't matter. The truth was that Kakarot was meant for greatness and Vegeta wasn't. It just was that way and no other explanation was required. Some things were the ways they were.

Either way he would enjoy ending the other man's life. Snuffing it out like it was a candle. All that was needed was two fingers to pinch the flame, or a quick blow. Life was a delicate flower and Vegeta only had one petal left.

He tingled slightly. The feeling of that he had been dipped in cool water spread over him. The wave of anger was quenched now and he blushed slightly at his previous outburst.

The bathroom was empty sadly. No air vent for tiny Goten to be hidden in. Trunks hadn't been carrying the other demi-saiyan, he supposed that the human had him stashed away somewhere. Still, why was the weaker of the two watching the child?

He idly noticed the door of the cupboard below the sink was open slightly. On impulse he closed it, almost startled by the speed that he did so, but it seemed there was no relevance it wondering why he had done that.

There was no sign of Trunks now; the young prince was hiding his ki once more and most likely cowering in some far off corner of the ship. On the other hand, he could be trying to free his father and Gohan currently. Nothing to worry about though. He had tied their ropes too tight for anyone but himself to loosen, still…

He moved out the door at an almost leisurely pace, heading to where his prisoners were kept. At the same time, he fantasised what he would do once he was the ruler of his people. Probably he would keep the Briefs around for the technical abilities, and most likely his mate as well. Despite her weakness, she had a temper that he admired and he would love to see her reaction to the knowledge that her friendly sweet Goku was gone.

Reaching the door of the residential area, he opened it expected to see a struggling Gohan and Vegeta, no doubt trying some comical escape plan. Instead he saw a white rope lying on the ground and no sign of anyone. He didn't even bother checking the bedrooms. They were gone and every inch of him knew it.

There was no rage for some reason, only a twinge of annoyance. Why did the bathroom still seem to be significant to him? Trying to think about it didn't help. It was as if part of his mind refused to operate.

Leave me alone, Goku. This is my head! This is my body! GET OUT! Pausing for a second, he took a moment to think. You know little tidbit that you don't want me to know. You saw something. Haven't you? Either that or you've figured something out and you don't want me to see it, but I think I know what…

Hurrying back into the bathroom. Kakarot laughed quietly as he got down on his hands and knees, and opened the cupboard, revealing a sleeping innocently Goten underneath the pipes of the sink. You're helping me without even intending to. Do you like that, Goku? Do you? Do you like helping our…no…my son to his death? No one seems to get it. Not you, Vegeta or anyone, but me. You should feel grateful to be able to watch my ascent to power.

Taking Goten out, he took a moment to consider his options and a crystal clear image formed in his mind. It was so incredibly perfect. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. He felt tears of joy filled his eyes and a light came to them as if he had been given a gift from heaven.

"You won't die right now," he whispered to his son with in an almost delicate way. "You're going to help me. I thank you."

Minutes later he left, leaving a battered boy lying on the ground. The child was barely breathing.