The sky was a golden sheen that turned the colour of fresh oranges where the sun dipped behind the mountains. In the foreground the shadows beneath their tree foliage darkened while the last rays of light dappled their trees' tops. It was the picture of beauty but with a simplicity that only nature could supply.

It had been four months since the trip in space and the chaos. After Goku had been restored it had taken days upon days for his friends and son Gohan to believe the truth behind what had happened. Goten on the other hand had needed no convincing he had accepted the explanation instantly, feeling completely joyful to have his father back.

Goku lay in a meadow with his back against the ground and his eyes looking up. Minutes past and slowly the sky shifted from the streaks of red, orange and yellow into black. A black that seemed unceasing like the void, dark despair filled, empty...

But there was a difference, because from this darkness as unending as it seemed came one difference that made it completely different. It was a small star. It's light piercing the void surely and deeply.


Star light, star bright,

First 1st star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.


"Wherever you are, Kakarot, I hope you got what you wanted."

The star shone strongly and as more time past, a second star joined it, glowing as strongly as the first. A third one came and more after it. Together they made a magnificent tapestry of lights over the night sky, lighting up the Earth with their brilliance.


Star light, star bright,

Shine with your light,

Every day, Every night

No longer need you fight.