This particular fanfic came along with the contemplation of 'What would happen if Goku got his memory back?' Who would have thought that little question would turn into this? Frankly, I can hardly believe it.

When I got about halfway through KR, I realised that I didn't have a clue how I was going to end it. (My brilliant planning of course.) Thus, I found myself rather stuck. I knew I wanted him to have a final battle with Gogeta (I always wanted to see a fusion of Gohan and Vegeta), but what then? I eventually came up with a few rough ideas:

  1. Kakarot hits his head again and becomes Goku again. (rather anti-climatic)
  2. Kakarot dies. (didn't hit me right)
  3. Kakarot his head and faces off against Goku in his mind. (Hmm…)

The third one was the ending I first intended. It changed as I examined Kakarot more and more. As I looked at him, I got a sense of déjà vu and I eventually found myself thinking about my three little brothers when they were very young. I remembered that young age children can be very selfish and unforgiving and that was what I saw in Kakarot and then I realised he probably was still a child when he hit his head. Despite having an adult's body, he was still mentally a child, innocent in an odd way.

From there on, I made some intense effort to portray that without making it obvious.

Originally KR was suppose to be a two part story, one which would take place on the space ship and another on Earth, but as the story evolved my gut told me to throw away that idea and keep it with only one. So, I am sorry to say unless I get some inspiration that I can't resist, there will be no sequel. If I ever write anything further on it, there might be prequel taking place when Kakarot was first trapped in his own mind.

It has been about a year since I originally started Kakarot's Revenge and now it is finished. Well… maybe not completely. I will no doubt go back and modify some sections to improve them. Most importantly there is going to be a title change fairly soon. Kakarot's Revenge was never intended to be the permanent name and reminds me too much of an old, incredibly tacky horror movie. Soon this fic will be known as 'Second Soul'.

I can never thank you guys enough for the support I got while writing this fic. Each e-mail and review whether with encouragement or constructive criticism was a help, though there is the exception when someone e-mailed me after I wrote the first chapter and prologue saying 'youir fic is so f***ing stupi', but considering that he/she spelt 'your' and 'stupid' wrong, I got a laugh. I’d like to thank every last one of you personally, but some how I don't think I could afford that much air fare.

Thank you everyone and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.

Your friendly neighbourhood Canadian,