In the other training room, Vegeta and Gohan faced each other, both tingiling with energy that was begging to be used. Their gazes met, the prince's veruses the halfling's.

Suddenly, their eyes turned from dark-brown to stunning blue-green, the hair spiking above their heads like crowns. Powers skyrocketed and went to heights that seemed impossible but they were! Finally, a quiet tension filled the air as the powers steadied and the world seemed poised at that one for someone to make a move.

In second everything changed and in a flash of golden aura, they charged.

It was a fury of punches and kicks as the two saiyan warriors clashed. Vegeta aimed a punch a Gohan's face, who grabbed the fist and holding it in place landed a kick in his opponent's stomach. The Prince of Saiyans grunted for half a second and then jumping back into a fighting stance made a smirk and faded out.

The half-breed looked left and right looking around in vain to find the other man; he finally found his target but by the time he had it was too late. Vegeta appeared, dropping onto his hand and using one of his legs to sweep Gohan off his feet.

Before the young man could recover Vegeta had kneed him in the back and grabbed him slamming him back into the floor and the halfling cried out in pain.

The older saiyan started began to pick him up again.

"No… you don't!" muttered Gohan and in matter of milliseconds he twisted grabbing the prince's shoulders and threw him so he was flipped onto the floor beside the half-breed.

The two lay there for a moment breathing hard and then calmly got up faced each other once more. It seemed odd that in all that intense fighting that they could relax for that brief instant without worrying.

There was no hesitation this time when it came to starting up again and was again they launched themselves into the close calls, aches and pains that was the battle men of all kinds love so much.

After one particularly painful exchange, Vegeta decided it was time to end this spar and he gathered the ki for a Gallit Gun.

"Yahh!" yelled as he let loose a giant blast of purple energy.

Gohan was ready and he reached out with his hands and cried "Ma…….. sen….. ko…. HA!" and his own blast of yellow ki met Vegeta's.

The two blasts pushed and wrenched at each other but neither moved an inch and the two saiyans groaned as they desperately exerted their energy trying to last until the other tired out. The atmosphere became hot and thick as more and more power filled the room and when it seemed that this could go on for quite a while.

Suddenly a huge tremor shook the ship knocking the two warriors to the ground and their now-unstable ki blasts away from their targets and ricketing off the walls. Instead of dodging each other they found themselves dodging their own blasts.

The room's door flung open.

"Hey guys," said Krillin as he entered the room. "Was that you two?"

Vegeta crossed his arms and looked away annoyed that the sparring match had been cut short and Gohan turned to look at the human.

"No, it wasn't us," said Gohan and taking a moment to think. What could cause something like that to happen? Unfortunately the answer came all two soon and was definetly not one he liked. "Goten… Trunks… If those two have wrecked something…" He let the threat hang, then relaxed and slowly his hair and eye colour dropped back into normal, and in a moment Vegeta followed suit.

The chance of them successfully wrecking something was actually incredibly slim. He remembered Bulma giving them a briefing on the ship. She had said the ship was state of the art, made with many of the strongest materials ever known, almost impossible to scratch let alone break.

Still, the three of them walked out of the room not quite as calmly as they would have liked and into the living quarters. Sure enough the terrible two had been up to no good.

The residential room had been designed with plenty of things to do, including movies, games, books, food (so far the most popular thing in the area) and toys. Thankfully the food was still packed in the ten refrigerators but other then that EVERYTHING had somehow been tossed on the floor.

One could think it miraculous that not a single thing that had been thrown around had fallen on a shelf every once in a while.

In the middle of this was Goten and Trunks lying on Gohan and Krillin's spare gi's while watching some a cartoon show about incredibly strong fighters on the television in the corner. Every once in a few giggles escaped the young boys.

"Hey Goten," Trunks said pointing to the screen when it showed two of the characters doing 'supposed' martial arts, "that guy has absolutely no form."

The other boy agreed and laughed "Yeah, ours would never be that bad."

"From here it looks pretty bad."

For second Goten and Trunks looked at each other, expecting it to have been the other who had spoken, then their eyes drifted behind them to see a very peeved looking Gohan, Vegeta and Krillin.

"Uhhh, hi brother, Krillin, Mr. Vegeta," Goten babbled and the two of them rushed to their feet. "We can explain you see, we uh…. I think Trunks can tell you just what you want to know."

With that a rather reluctant Trunks was pushed in front of his best friend. "Hiya Tousan and of course Gohan and Trillin… I mean Pillin… sorry oops Krillin, you see we were…"

"Okay brats," growled Vegeta obviously having enough of the boys' excuses, "what was that big bang that shook the ship? Did you wreck the engine or something?"

The young half-breeds let loose a sigh of relief that could've been heard from there to New Namek.

"That wasn't us," Trunks said honestly.

"It wasn't?" Krillin asked suspicion thick in his tone. He could only hope Marron wasn't going to be like this when she got older.

"Really," said Goten. They had to believe them! "We're telling the truth, we felt the shake but it wasn't us we were just watching cartoons the whole time.

As well as making a mess of the living quarters, seemed to be the simultaneous thought of all the adults.

"Maybe it's Tousan," Gohan suggested. "He always goes overboard when training."

"Well, I am sure whatever it is it's okay," Krillin said. "Bulma built this ship strong enough to withstand all of us, right? If we can't damage it, well what can?"

Gohan walked over to a control panel to check the systems. "Yeah, the ship is fine. It's probably just Otousan like I thought."

"If everything's okay I think me and Trunks will go and do some training in the weight room," Goten said. Maybe he could get out of here before he got in trouble for something he did do.

"By the way," Gohan said as he sat down on one of the less tattered chairs with a book in hand.

His younger brother froze halfway out the door.

"No more desert for the rest of the trip." Goten gulped, grabbed his friend by the arm and ran off.

Another bang came shaking through the ship and for a moment they were almost knocked off their feet.

"It must be Kakarot," Vegeta stated as he and the others regained their balance.

"Goku," Krillin corrected. What was the point of calling Goku a name from a life that didn't belong with him?

Under some circumstances, the Prince of Saiyans might have rebuked the human for talking to him in such a way but he declined this time. It never worked anyway since he moved to Earth besides his mind was other places.

But little did the other inhabitants of the ship know that Vegeta was right. It was Kakarot.