Goku lay in the room unconscious, completely oblivious to the events in the other rooms of the craft. It seemed almost as if he were at peace just calmly enjoying a nap but behind his eyelids his eyes rapidly moved as if being disturbed by some unseen tormentor.

Suddenly he clenched himself and curled up in a little ball on the floor, his breathing erratic and forced.

"No… NO!…" he murmured.

Something was wrong, something was terribly wrong and it seemed as if there was no way he could stop it but he had to. He couldn't let this force be freed. He could not allow it out.

Then the saiyan relaxed his arms, letting falling down at his sides and legs lying straight out on the floor. His eyes flickered open and for a moment there he just stared up at the ceiling his gaze blank. After assessing where he was a smile slowly formed on his face.

Using his hands, he pushed himself into a sitting position revelling in the feel as his muscles stretched and contracted at his will, not at some softhearted fool's. To be able to do something that simple seemed like he had gone from being the darkest reaches of hell into the greatest part of heaven.

The saiyan felt his one of his hands ache and he looked at it; maybe it had been hurt in the fall.

After looking at it for several seconds more, he smashed it into the hard floor feeling the pain he inflicted.

How glorious it was and rewarding to be able to do this by choice!

He wanted more of such experiences; he needed to claim what was his by birthright. Every fibre in his body wanted to be taken to new heights and new joys, for now after so long he would feel true life again!

"Finally," he said in a whisper that seemed to echo, "I am free again."

It seemed so long ago that he had been sent to Earth by his father in the hopes to keep him safe from Freeza. The stupid git hadn't thought of saving his own skin and instead got all sentimental and gave up the chance of getting away before Vegeta-sei was blown up.

He truly cared about me, he thought, remembering talking with his father, that silly fool cared about me. All the better for me.

Still, there had been a price to pay for salvation. When he first arrived he had met that earthling Gohan who had made everything difficult. The one who Goku had had the nerve to name his son after. Not Goku's, his. It all belonged to him not that baka. Either way who would have thought there would have been a human who actually been a match for him?

The man had tried to take him in and would not let him go.

Then one day when Gohan had been trying to take him for a walk, he had almost escaped but then when that human had chased him he had tripped and plunged into a ravine hitting his head. That day Goku was born.

Goku had sickened him. By the time he had recovered enough to know what was going on, he found this loving, caring fool of a gaki controlling his body, completely oblivious to the saiyan screaming in the back of his mind.

He hoped the roles were reversed now. Oh, how sweet it would be if that baka was now watching and listening everything now, feeling his body move against his will…

"…. Hearing his mouth speak things he would never say."

That would be something to savour for the rest of his life. If he could only hear the other man now. Yelling, crying like he had for so long, but no one ever replying, no one ever comforting. He had been alone, always alone.

Shame, he couldn't hear that other man screaming. Perhaps it would make the other suffer even more.

Laughing hysterically, he lightly jumped to his feet and sighed as it happened exactly as he wanted it to. If only he could have done this more times before.

In less time than for a person's heart to beat he charged at the wall and kicked it twenty times then backflipping across the room, he twisted around delivering the wall another twenty with his fists. The entire craft shook as it took his onslaught.

A wide grin spread over his face and he looked down at himself happily. If that bumbling idiot had done something right it was how he trained the body they inhabited. The training that the baka had started with has been laughable but as time went on he had actually done very well.

Suddenly his face became serious, now it was time for other matters.

He walked back over to the gravity machine and tapped the button that made the controls affect the ship. As soon as the screen changed he punched in the all too simple command 'Go to Earth." True, he could use the Instant Transmission to get to the planet but he had some business with his other shipmates.

Touching another button for it to move back to gravity machine controls again and put on the breathing mask hanging nearby then pressed the keys 4-5-6-7.

Once again the air was jammed down and the atmosphere became intense but the saiyan wasn't planing to stay and going to the door exited.

Out there the gravity relaxed and he was able to remove the mask, fastening it to his belt, and started down the hall, then paused when he saw another set of controls on the wall. What was it that Vegeta's mate had stressed about these things?

The answer came; he smirked and pressed his hand against the controls. Yes… the ship might be indestructible but the controls weren't. With a blast of ki, the area where the screen and keys had been became a patch of burning wires.

"Don't worry universe," the saiyan whispered more to himself than anyone, "Kakarot will take care of you."

And at that moment the air seemed to shiver.