The weight room was a fairly large part of the ship, spanning an entire level and was full of equipment that had been designed by those at Capsule Corp to be the latest in technology. Using these one could get one of the most effective and thorough workouts in this side of the galaxy, and this room like almost every other one had a gravity machine in the middle of the chamber.

Currently, this marvellous set was being terribly put to waste. Goten and Trunks had trained for exactly three minutes and then getting bored had taken six small dumbbells and that had been propped up on their sides were being used as target practice.

Trunks stood about six metres from them and he pointed a finger at a weight that released a white blast of ki that knocked over his target and another weight as the first one bashed into it.

With that the young saiyan looked over at his best friend and a grin splitting his face in half.

"That makes it ten to nine," he gloated, his eyes glinting devilishly. Goten frowned, drawing himself up he and putting his hand on his hips tried to like to look tall and forbidding like his okaasan did when she was angry.

"No," Goten said, "that makes it nine to nine."

Trunks took one look at the seen and burst out laughing.

"But I knocked down two weights so I get two points," Trunks protested between giggles.

The other half-breed tried to look tough. "Your suppose to only hit one, so if hit more than that you lose points. The score should be eight to nine."

"Hey! YOU DIDN'T SAY THAT BEFORE!" shouted a disgruntle Trunks.

Their eyes met with fierce looks of determination. As they stared at each other the room became as silent as a grave and soon their eyes watered longing to close. The moment dragged on and for the longest time and they were only dimly aware of anything else.

Finally Goten could bare it no longer, blinked and feeling annoyed turned away, crossing his arms.

"Did too," he muttered.

"Did not," growled Trunks.

"Did too!"



"DID NOT!!!"

"DID TOO!!!"

For quite a while they continued like this neither giving in, until an idea occurred to Trunks. "Did too," he said.

"DID NOT!!!" yelled back Goten before he could think about it.

"Got you," Trunks taunted and smiling, skipped around his friend.

"That was CHEATING!!!" cried Goten.

"Was not."

"Was too."

"Was not."

Not really feeling ready for a round of 'was toos' and 'was nots' Goten launched himself at the older child and soon they were racing around the room. Weaving in and out of the exercise machines that cost a small fortune. Jumping, diving and turning from what seemed like every direction.

Trunks started circling a tall arm press in one corner of the room with the other boy hot on his heels. Seeing that this wouldn't go anywhere Goten turned around and planning to grab his friend when they met up again. Unfortunately he didn't turn fast enough and Trunks came around the machine, slammed into Goten and in one big mess they toppled into the floor sending the arm press falling towards the ground.

"Uh oh," said Trunks and Goten at the same time, watching it fall.

Just as it almost reached the floor the boys managed to untangle themselves, get up and grab the thing. When they saw it was secure they hoisted back into a standing position and wiped sweat from their brows.

They looked at each other and smiles broke out on their faces.

"Was too," whispered Goten.

"Was not," replied Trunks.

And with that they fell over laughing. They lay for a few minutes, letting the laughter roll over them until their bellies hurt and they were just too tired to even giggle they stopped.

A firm knock came from the door and Goten got up and answered it.

There was Goku standing in his typical orange with his black hair as spiky as ever. Oddly enough, he wore the smirk he usually reserved for fights and other circumstances such as that. It seemed out of place like it shouldn't really be there, but what did that matter?

"Hi Tousan," Goten chirped seeing the familiar face of his father.

Goku put his hand in the doorway, stepping in, and cocked his head to the left, a strange gesture that Goten had never seen before but none the less he stayed cheerful. If his otousan was acting a little weird, who was he to judge?

"Me and Trunks were playing some games and such."

His tousan entered the room slipping past his son examined the surroundings.

"Yes, Trunks… Prince Trunks," said Goku his gaze settling on the chamber's other occupant. Trunks couldn't help but shift uncomfortably under that look.

"Uh, Tousan, is there anything you want?" Goten asked desperately wanting to make some type of conversation. To say the least this was getting awkward.

"Oh, you'll see." Goku keeping his eyes on Vegeta's son, he took the door and slammed it shut.