Trunks was being spooked. He was being spooked bad. For a few minutes he just was frozen there, aware that he was still sitting on the floor his muscles clenched and he felt himself trembling, though not visibly at least, he knew that his wasn't moving at all, but more inside like an icy breeze had brushed his heart. A gut feeling that something wasn't right.

In a flash Goku phased out leaving a ghost of an image, then reappearing in front of Trunks who looked up at the saiyan and bit his lip. The saiyan towered above the youth like a mountain; tall, cold, with a face made of stone.

Trunks felt himself shaking, visibly this time and teeth chattered a chrisp sound. His palms started sweating and he unconsciously was clenching the dark blue gi that his mother had made especially for him.

Immediately Trunks felt guilt well up in him. Otousan trusted Goku deeply and was the closest thing the prince had to a best friend even a brother, of course if one were to outright ask Vegeta about it he would strongly deny every bit. To Trunks, Goku was like an uncle and to treat him like a danger was outrageous.

"Tousan?" asked Goten, once again trying to get his Goku's attention. Finally the saiyan wrenched his eyes away from Trunks and turned towards his youngest giving him a friendly smile.

He wasn't acting quite as odd now, and the two half-breeds simultaneously sighed, letting out the nervousness out through his body and out into the air. Still, the previous experiences had let uneasiness spread that was hard to ignore despite all their best efforts.

The boy grabbed the older saiyan's hand was lifted into a standing position.

"Thank you," Trunks managed and looked up into his helper's face whose eyes seemed glued to him. Strangely the man didn't let go of his hand and the look in his eyes seemed to slowly creep in through the lids, but what could he say?

The aura of light heartiness, and laughter had faded from the training room replaced by quiet as if you had been playing hard rock on tape player's maximum volume for twenty-four hours and then suddenly pulled the plug. An eerie sensation that wouldn't just disappear into nothingness that seemed to consume all else.

"So what do you want?" asked Goten but Goku didn't acknowledge him in the least and at the second the grip on Trunk's hand tightened making the boy's hand start to ache as the pressure gradually increased as the seconds passed. Eventually the young Briefs found himself searching for some way to get out of there, to at least free himself from this man's grip, but finally the ache became red hot pain.

He whimpered.

"Tousan!!!!?" Goten shouted, but Goku seemed to be in a world of his own. "Your hurting him, Tousan! Your hurting Trunks!"

Still getting no answer he gathering his energy to turn Super Saiyan, but Goku was ready and in a split second he rushed at his son giving him a sharp blow to the neck. Goten clasped in a heap, twitching.

Trunks stood there paralysed, his breathing halted while he looked on with horror.

This could not be happening.

Could not.


Something like this didn't happen.

Nice people don't suddenly turn mean. Nice people were… nice.

Imposter? Yeah, that had to be. Goku would never do this, so this was a faker, someone whom looked like him, wore the same clothes, had the same voice. It was a good guess as any but none the less, so many similarities.

The shock filled his bones and through his slugish brain part of him was dimly processing what going on. There was Goku standing over fallen mass of his child, face calm now, grim even with a determination that sent chills down Trunks' spine. The saiyan's hand raised over the boy was alive with electricity, and every so slowly Goku reached down, preparing to touch the boy.

"Wereti das Freoil Geadu req juy Zereuf otjin met Oozaru Saiyan," came from his lips. It was a harsh sounding yet with a traditional ring to it, like how one might make a prayer but that wouldn't change the desperateness of the situation.

When Goku's hand came centimetres from Goten's chest, Trunks finally snapped out of it and moved, not at the saiyan but instead he pivoted on the balls of his feet turning towards the arm press behind him, knocking it over and with a crash it gave him the distraction he needed.

While Goku looked to see what the cause of the noise was, Trunks scooped up Goten and through the corner of his eye he spotted his friend's father starting to realise what had happened, but by then he had already opened the door and was already on his way out.

Zooming down the hall trying to find some help whether Otousan, Gohan, or Krillin as well as cursing Kaasan for making the ship so big, he heard Goten groan and slowly regain consciousness eventually forcing his eyes to focus on his saviour.

"What…. what happened?" he said weakly.

Trunks wearily though with a bitterness. Your otousan tried to kill you. What kind of answer was that?

"I don't know, Goten… I just don't know."

In the weight room, Kakarot looked at the door with little worry.

Perhaps he didn't succeed in grabbing little Prince Trunks and dealing with his own son, but this place was only so big and he would find. Besides he could have a little fun with a game of cat and mouse and when his business was done he would have other things to entertain him.

Still, he had things to do here and strolled over to the gravity machine in the middle of the room. Like the one in the other training room, it duelled as a set of ship controls.

For variety's sake he didn't blast this one, instead he merely gave it one swift punch, revelling as his hand broke plastic and metal with ease like a knife cut butter, most likely even easier.

Really, that Bulma was a true idiot. What sort of woman creates an almost completely indestructible space ship but makes the controls breakable? Oh well, it was her loss, as well as her family and friends', and his gain.

He smirked and left the room.