Kakarot examined the room with a lazy eye. This place had designed for sparring and nothing but, that much was obvious, especially with the salty scent of sweat thick in the air. This room had been used recently. Most likely by Vegeta and his son Gohan considering the heaviness of the smell. He doubted that the brats or that weakling human could work out this hard.

There was a gravity machine but because it might take up too much space the ship controls and it were pressed to one side to help protect them from any ki blasts or a stray limb that might hit it, of course that was absolutely so defence against a direct attack.

He walked calmly over to them and rearing up one leg used the other one to smash through the control panel and watched in fascination as the wires let out little snapping sounds and small bolts of electricity sparked into there air, vainly searching for the place they were suppose to go.

They seemed desperate to try in complete the task they had been made for. It was completely pointless to resist. Fate had chosen for them to die, so why try to escape that fact? Why try? It was funny actually, humorous really. Such hopelessness yet they tried to fight their destiny.

Never the less, it was interesting to watch as they fought like that for no reason whatsoever and the ever so slowly the electricity came out fewer times, more a spluttering rather than a frequent flowing, than it finally stopped.

The saiyan smile didn't outwardly but rather deep inside he was laughing at the miracle of this simple power that was destruction. The power that he had.

His eyes gained a dreamy look as he wondered what would happen if used that one trick on a set of controls. The one that his brother Raditz had taught him as a little boy. You gathered a bit of energy on your finger focused it into a small ball and using a good amount of concentration you could make go where ever you wanted. It was a wonderful little ability and the tiny sphere could cut through virtually anything making it a lot more dangerous attack than it looked.

Raditz had had many tricks like that. Shame… that green-eared freak of a namek had killed him. A slight annoyance at the most. He hadn't like his brother much anyway, too tall for his taste and his voice was a little ratty sounding, plus the other saiyan had been bossy. It didn't matter either way he would learn such things later as soon as his business here was taken care of.

He decided not to use the ability. To do so would mean raising his power level too much and he didn't want his 'friends' to know where he was. Not yet at least. He could feel them though.

His youngest child's ki was unsteady, going up and down at a rapid pace. It sort of reminded him of the wires working so hard to try to survive and with absolutely no hope. The boy would probably slowly recover even without medical treatment but eventually he would die so what was the point? Didn't he realise how hopeless it was to resist?

Kakarot had had some regrets about hurting the boy. The child had incredibly strength for his age and no doubt could be a strong ally but he had bigger plans and unfortunately they couldn't include two heirs, besides the brat acted too much like Goku. A person that he really didn't want any reminders about.

The other brat Trunks and the human seemed to be tending to Goten. Currently he didn't need to worry about them, and examined the ki of Gohan and Vegeta. He refused to think of him as Prince Vegeta, he was too soft to be royalty and soon a new more powerful line would be forged.

Those two weren't moving right now. Were they talking? Maybe they were trying to sense him? Soon enough they wouldn't have to sense him to find where he was and finally the smile that was inside him crept onto his face like a fungus.

"Could it be spinal damage?" Trunks asked. Concern flooded from his eyes and even a bit of moisture was building in their corners.

Krillin looked down at Goten, who had now been moved onto some blankets on the floor, wasn't sure what to say. The wound itself had been a bloody line that stretched over Goten's neck showing bits of muscle though in general it was fairly shallow and had been bandaged up easily. "I am not sure," he stated, a huge understatement. He didn't have a clue.

"Spinal damage can result in temporary or permanent paralisation. Sometimes it will show in symptoms like seizures and or a coma," the demi-saiyan rattled on, then took Goten's right wrist, placed two of his fingers on the vein going down the other boy's arm, looked at clock on a wall and compared Goten's pulse to the time that was going by. "It seems likely considering his state, but I doubt it is as serious for him as it would be for most people."

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Krillin couldn't help feeling slightly amused by Trunks' actions. The lavender haired youth had always complained about his mother forcing him to learn some science like the rest of his family, but despite the boy's greatest efforts to moan and groan his way out of it, he had learned a lot, plus he was good at it.

"Well Dr. Briefs," he said. "What is your diagnosis?"

Trunks didn't even flinch. "It is probably a mild form of a spinal injury, more a shock to the system than any real damage. For now lets keep him warm."

"You keep an on him. I'll get some clothes."

Krillin went over to a door that led into Goten's bedroom and entered. He managed to clamber over the toys and magazines that were thrown over the floor and got to a small shelf that stored the boy's clothes. The human randomly grabbed a V-neck wool sweater, a pair of baggy pants and a huge pink shirt that Chi Chi had forced Goten to bring.

When returning he flew over the toys and hurried back to Trunks. Together they managed to get it onto their 'patient'. By the end Krillin was feeling all too much like a nurse.

"It sort of looks like a dress," Trunks commented looking at the pink shirt they had put over everything. It did and was so long that it went well over Goten's knees and Krillin doubted that that he would have consented to wearing it if he were awake.

"It would be a good idea to get him into the rejuvenation chamber," said Trunks.

"That would cause some problems. The rejuvenation chamber was two decks up and well… he's out there." Krillin turned to Vegeta and Gohan stood nearby, trying to locate Goku, but at the same time listen to what was going on.

"What do you guys think?" Krillin asked.

"I don't think it matters one way or the other, since I am here," said someone.