There was a long pause.

All movement stilled.

All breath stopped.

All eyes were glued to the still wide open door that led into the room. Would a spiky headed saiyan appear from it at any second? How would they fight him?

After what seemed to be hours, the spell was broken. Gohan was the first to move and swiftly ran to the door, slamming it shut. He grasped for a lock and to his horror found there was none and so turning around, he braced himself against the door.

Vegeta just stood there and watched as ever so slowly the handle turned and Gohan was almost knocked off his feet when someone outside smashed against the door.

Was this Kakarot and if it was, what was he up to? The rational part of his brain felt like it was on a holiday. If that third class baka wanted to enter this room all he had to do was to telaport inside. He was perfectly capable of doing it, but…

The nagging feel at the back of Vegeta's neck seemed to flare up into a full-blown headache.

The Right of Blood, that would explain Kakarot not using more 'dishonourable' techniques. The prince stopped himself from swallowing. He remembered his father teaching about that part in saiyan culture. A piece that had disturbed even him, but it had happened so rarely on Vegeta-sei since royalty usually was the strongest on the planet and the last time it had happened was before the rule of Saiy and the initiation of his bloodline, over a thousand years ago.

How could this be happening? If Kakarot had wanted to claim the Right, why not do it on Namek where Vegeta had been completely at his mercy. It made no sense.

What about his brat Gohan? He must know that it wouldn't be easy to convince the boy to accept his part in the Right, especially after Kakarot had tried to kill Goten.

"Vegeta! VEGETA!!!" The saiyan prince looked to see Krillin and two Super Saiyans, Trunks and Gohan, pushing frantically against the door, but little by little their feet slid along the ground.

"Hey," yelled Gohan not feeling very patient while his golden aura flared, "if you're done daydreaming yet, could you help us?"

Powering up to Super Saiyan as well, Vegeta charged at the door. Managing to relieve the pressure for a few moments, before it was resumed, this time tripled.

"We can't keep this up," grunted Gohan and managed a glance at the struggling Krillin and a terrified looking Trunks whom had turned as white as a sheet, then past them to his younger brother.

Goten stirred, managed to open his eyes, take in the sight before him, and whispered "Gohan?" Then not being able to keep consciousness for much longer fell back asleep. The boy seemed so much younger than eight, almost like a baby, completely unable to take care of himself.

"We've got to make our move soon," the oldest half-breed stated.

"Yes," agreed Vegeta trying to make a plan while pushing as hard possible. "What do you see anything back there that could be useful?" While the prince was facing the door, Gohan had a view of the room.

Gohan scanned the room quickly yet trying to be thorough at the same time. There was a set of controls for the ship. There was the quickly diminishing food supply and the door leading into their bedrooms, nothing useful in there as far as he knew. It seemed like the chamber was completely bare of anything that could help in the least

Then, near the floor, he saw what they needed.

"There is an air vent back there near the refrigerator, right down by the floor. Its got a grid over the opening, but I think the bolts can be removed with little trouble," he said.

"Great, we can escape through it," Krillin said.

Gohan felt a tightness in his chest build up. "No Krillin, me and Vegeta are too big to fit through it, besides somebody is going to have to hold the door. I guess we've been voluntered"


"Take care of Goten for me, alright?"

Krillin knew better than to argue. He didn't like, but he knew it couldn't be avoided. "Don't get yourselves killed, you two." The human sighed. "Trunks? Ready little buddy? I'll grab Goten. You open the grid."

The young Briefs voice trembled "But what about Tousan and Gohan? We just can't leave them?"

"Hey don’t worry," Krillin said trying to push confidence into his speech. "Those two were taking care of themselves before you were born."

Trunks nodded.

"Alright! At the count of three. One… Two… THREE!!!"

Krillin dived for Goten and grabbed the youth slinging him into his arms, while Trunks went for the air vent. The bolts were made for strength, they would be almost impossible to break. At first he fumbled, desperately trying to break them off, but finally recovering his senses, he managed to firmly grab them and they were removed in ten seconds flat.

Meanwhile, Gohan and Vegeta were struggling like crazy to keep the door shut.

"They're gone," Gohan gasped with thankfulness when he saw Trunks and Krillin slide Goten and themselves through the vent into its dark depths.

Together Gohan and Vegeta let go of the door and jumped back into fighting stances. They weren't fools, they knew they had no chance but they had to try.

The doorway was empty and for one blissful second it seemed like maybe it had been there imagination.

Then in came Goku at an incredibly leisurely pace. His face wore a smile that had an almost had a quality to it that sent chills up and down Gohan's spine.

Vegeta wasn't much better and looked at the other saiyan with the headache spreading to the rest of his body. "What is this about Kakarot?"

"Kakarot…" repeated the other saiyan with a disturbing chuckle.

"First you almost kill your son and now you're going after your other one? Have you gone mad?" Vegeta continued.

An almost wistful expression appeared on the other's face. "I went mad a long time ago, Vegeta, and you know nothing of it is like, truly like, or even what leads to it. Yet sometimes it is in insanity where the path can be fully realised." The strange smile disappeared and was replaced by one of determination. "Oh well, business should come first."

The saiyan became a blur of speed and charged.

The world for Gohan and Vegeta went black.