Sniff… Chi Chi can drive me crazy but have a little sympathy people!!!!

By the way this takes place when Gohan blasts off to Namek.

Mother's Love

You were helpless once,

And I protected you thick and thin,

Don't you know I would die for you in an instant?

I knew as long as I protected you I'd have a place in your heart,

When I couldn't anymore I was scared,

So I became the mentor who tried to push you to greatness,

Once again I failed,

I can't lose you,

I guess I am selfish,

Maybe I am awful and don't care about anyone but myself,

But listen to this,

You were my baby,

So small, so innocent, so young…

A little bundle that fit nicely in my arms,

That I cradled and loved,

And still love,

Whether you care or not that love grows every day.