I realised how different I was from them that day. The saiyans that is, Vegeta, Goku even Gohan who is half-human.

Goku and Gohan are my friends, yet there is an aspect of them I just don'tů no that isn't the right thing to say since it implies that I could learn to see through there eyes. It would be more appropriate to say I can't, that no matter what I do I'll never truly understand them.

I care about them including Vegeta in sense but right now as I remember young Son Gohan crying over the death of his father, my best friend, I have a memory of Vegeta standing behind me looking on with an expression that is hard to put into words.

There was no anger at the young half-breed for not finishing Cell off while he had the chance, I hate to admit but a part of me felt that burning rage. There was no pity, yet no shame at seeing the youth allow his emotions to roam free. It seemed like an acceptance more than anything else, an acknowledgement of this entire situation.

Of all times to accept? At this point shouldn't he be fighting reality like the rest of us? How could he be so heartless?

Feeling sucked dry, I had staggered over to Gohan put a hand on his shoulder and said a few comforting words, when he got up and I got a glimpse of his face I felt the urge to draw back. It had been seconds yet already he seemed to have recovered a great deal and his face was so much calmer not unlike the saiyan prince's.

I guess at that point I was seeing him from a human point of view. Overtime I've learned to comprehend many things about saiyan behaviour patterns but now it as if everything was thrown of whack and realised for the first time in my life how alien they are.