Hello everybody,

I've always felt that humans in Dragon Ball Z and GT have never had their chance to shine. This isn't their fault, its just whenever there is a threat usually only a namek or saiyan is powerful enough to bail them (not I have anything against nameks or saiyans). One day I felt that I had to do something about that so I thought what if a threat came around only a human could stop and maybe through this danger he could discover the true potential of himself as well as all humans…


Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z or any of its characters this goes for this chapter and all the other ones, BUT I do own the characters that I make up. So there!



Emptiness, nothing, null. A darkness without dark, a pureness without purity…


Light, blazing, ever shinyning light. Gentle, yet persistent.


The two forces clash, tumbling into each other. Pushing at each other, wanting the other gone. Wrenching, dragging, fighting with all their power. Yet in all this turmoil the stench of a skunk, and the smell of flowers drifted.


It stopped and on a little planet called Earth a man woke up panting.