At first Krillin hadn't seen anything that looked odd or out of place the woods seemed silent and empty then he felt a wave of ki.

It was huge.

It was incredible.

It was many small powers; he realised with relief, then rebuked himself.

One huge power could be often more dangerous then many small ones, but to have this many small powers, over a thousand, wasn't a good thing. Not at all.

He could only hope that he and the others would be enough to stop this army.

"Krillin?" said Airist waving a hand in front of the human's face. Krillin looked at him. "Most of us aren't very skilled when it comes to in-flight battle, so I was thinking we should take the skies while the others handle the ground troops."

"Should we get Phaerin to join us, she seems like an okay flier?" the earthling asked.

The redhead shook his head. "She's in charge of temple defence, she'll be more doing work than she can easily handle," he explained and gave a concerned look at the temple. "Phaerin has been always a leader."

With that, they took to the skies, flying high enough to get a clear view of area. Krillin could see the enemy that was literally oozing through the trees.

"So those are the vevils," he muttered. They didn't look that evil. They wore a tight green outfit with no sleeves and a black metal-like band that was on their right forearm. Their faces looked normal with no outstanding looks of evil but there was a look of determination and they had Querisian pointed ears.

He looked at the bands that they wore again. Each person's band was slightly different shade; some were almost grey others were at the point of being pitch black. The darker it was the more that Krillin wanted to shiver and run away.

In distance he felt some stronger power levels emitting from a group and soon saw them as well. There were three of them, tall and powerful looking, Krillin noted. Each wore the typical band and same outfit as the foot soldiers but in orange.

No wonder they had thought him a vevil, the human thought. I was wearing orange when I first came here.

Nodding to Airist, the duo charged.

Krillin smashed into the foremost enemy sending him crashing into another man, who wasn't very concerned about his friend and pushed his aside his friend angrily.

Airist let loose a purple blast shouting "Kerr..raaa…naaa… Boom!" Where those two had been, there was ash falling to the ground.

A yell escaped one of the vevils who made a kick going straight at the male Queris's chest, but seeing it a moment ahead of time Airist moved sideways and grabbed the leg. In the same movement he broke it.

Screaming with pain the vevil twisted away and still screaming flew off.

They were ready to celebrate; defeating those three had been easy. Unfortunately it was at that point twenty-four more vevils in the same orange outfits arrived.

This time the enemy was the first to move. One suddenly appeared behind Airist getting him in a bear hug that held him tight, while two others hit him in the head, stomach and chest.

Airist did his best to break free but the man holding him had arms of steel and just would not let go, so that all he could so was loose energy by struggling. Krillin started to fly to his friend's aid but in a flash he found the other twenty-one fighters blocking his path.

Kicks and punches seemed to be everywhere filling the air with their deadly potential and slowly Krillin found himself not going towards his companion but away.

A hit at his chest, a kick at his stomach. There was no time to attack, only defend. Everytime he though he saw an opening and went for it he found someone in his way.

Trying to move forward Krillin dodged an attempt to hit him in the neck only to have to curl up in a ball to avoid a fist aiming for his head and a leg going towards his his legs. As soon as he did that he found himself being smashed to the side with a kick. The pain distracted him enough that another blow was landed on his hip.

"Airist!" the human cried seeing the redhead's escape attempts growing weaker and weaker.

He tried to go around the blockade. As he past over them, one of the vevils flew straight into his stomach stunning him and then he felt himself being taken a hold of by his legs and thrown down in the forest.

Krillin felt his himself bash into a tree, it's trunk broke and they both smashed to the ground.

He lay there in the dirt with every bone in his body writhering with pain.

Why did he have to get up? His head hurt too much to think about it. It just pounded and pounded.

Why wouldn't it stop? The pain just would not stop?

Looking up he saw his friend had still being punched, but now he was not resisting anymore and he had also wasn't grunting or crying out when the fists met his body.

"No…" Krillin said weakly.

"NO!" he shouted and launched himself into the air. Once again the blockade met him and inch by inch the human was pushed back yelling. "Airist!!!"

Then there was a blur that hit the two hitting Krillin's companion, then hit the one holding him and Airist's limp form fell down towards the woods.

The blur struck again knocking five of the earthling's opponents and Krillin used the opportunity and retrieved his falling friend.

"Airist," the human said softly as he cradled the Queris. Airist eyes were shut and his ki was fading rapidly.

"Get him to the temple." Krillin looked up to see Westlin looking calmly over at him then at the left over vevils. "I can handle it here."

Never in his life did Krillin fly so fast with all that had happened and Airist lying in his arms unconscious, he had more than enough motivation. He only could hope that the redhead would hold on long enough to get help.

In what seemed like a century, the human finally landed on the temple stairs and ran up to the doors.

"Please," he begged the Apprentices guarding the entrance, "he needs help."

Without saying a word they opened the door and one little girl Apprentice beckoned for him to follow her.

"Thank you," Krillin cried and rushed after her.

Winding their way through halls him found himself in the cafeteria, but now it was a medical bay with bandages, blankets, and the smell of medicines thick in the air.

So was the smell of blood.

He saw Phaerin run up to him and her face turned blank when she saw Airist.

"No," she whispered and she grabbed her close companion and him to table that had been made into a makeshift bed. She laid him down and ran off screaming for a doctor.

Krillin walked away. He was helpless now and that scared more than anything could.

He left the cafeteria, a monk gave him a bowl of soup on his way out but the human just dropped, not caring that it might spill all over the floor. He just didn't care.

Somewhere along the line he found himself back in his room and lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling blankly.

He bitterly laughed to himself. He had wondered what would happen today?

Eventually sleep came and with that a dreamless slumber.

But he didn't care.


Poor Airist… poor Krillin. I wrote this and I am feeling all teary eyed.