Krillin strided down the hall for what seemed like the thousandth time in the last couple days. As he went through the corridors his eyelids felt like twenty-ton weights and the light with their soft glows seemed to beg him to give into sleep. Every step was like he had to travel a mile.

"Wait until bed," he told his tired body. Unfortunately his body wasn't listening and as his lids drooped down once more he didn't notice the bump on the floor. In a split second he was sent flying onto the ground and not literally.

"Ouch," he grunted out reflex, it hadn't actually hurt considering well… everything. It was actually rather nice just to lie down even if it wasn't intentional, but to let his muscles relax for a moment, allow the aches and pains a moment to catch their breath.

He closed his eyes, revelled in the darkness, and let his mind drift. Rather silly to fall asleep in a hall…As the human started into the world of dreams, he heard the scampering of feet on bare floor, but what did it matter?

Apparently it did since before he knew it he felt to pair of legs, run over his legs, up his back and jumping off his head.

Krillin growled and was on his feet in seconds there he turned to face his aggressors who turned out to be two little Queris boys, perhaps three or four years old, both with mousy brown hair that was a mess and dark brown eyes to match. He wouldn't have been surprised if they were twins by looking at their faces.

"Na na na na na nahhhhhh!" cried one and with that he and his brother stuck out their tongues and flailed them at the human.

The earthling smiled inwardly. Those kids were probably to young to really understand what was going on, yet it was refreshing to see anyone so untouched by everything. To see such innocence was just plain nice.

Then suddenly he found himself sent reeling. One of those brats had tripped him! Regaining his balance he found the terrible two gone.

"You can't catch us!!!" came a cry from down the hall.

Those little monsters, he thought, can't catch them indeed, and he started down the hall at a terrifying pace, almost knocking a few early risers coming through and succeeding with one poor monk who got tangled up in his robes.

He finally came to a stop as a light breeze of fresh air touched his bare skin.

"Oh no," Krillin whispered looking at the door in front of him. To be more specific, the door that lead into the dark night and wilderness.

Stepping outside he looked around. It was still late and the moon (if this planet even had one) was completely covered by a thick layer of clouds that coated the sky and it wouldn't be sunup for hours. He could barely make out the outlines of trees in the dim light with their shadows with a slightly green tint.

"Hey kids!" he shouted into the woods. "Are you out here?"

His reply was some giggles coming from the forest. Krillin sighed, closed the door behind him and continued into the dense underbrush. A few prickly branches painfully stabbed into his bad arm as they brushed against him while a few leaves touched him letting drops of water fall onto his gi. It must have rained recently he observed as he swiped the droplets off his shoulder and heard the squish of the soft ground below his feet.

Letting out another sigh, he launched himself into the air where he flew up through the compact space until he was in the open, and using a trick from before, formed a ball of ki to light up part of the area. The human considered making a bigger one, but if he dropped it he might blow up part of the area and the children with it.

He kept on calling for the twins though felt rather stupid, it was obvious that those two didn't want to be found and like humans, the Querises had the ability to naturally hide their ki, so telling their powers from an animal's wouldn't be easy. Krillin just hoped none of the creatures here were dangerous.

As if on que two young voices started screaming with their cries full of terror.

Krillin quickly looked to see where the yells were coming from small bog with tall marsh grass surrounding it. At first the human thought that the brats had fallen in but when he found their ki's, he realised they were in a tree near by and so shaking his head he glided over to them.

There perched on a gnarled branch near the top a tree (that might have resembled a pine) was the two brown haired boys.

"So, what are you up to now?" the human asked suspiciously. They did look scared with them clenching each other and when he manoeuvred his ki ball closer to them he saw their eyes were wide and brimming with tears.

"Dark man…" whispered one not loosening his grip on his brother, "dark man… running through the forest."

Well everything at this time of night is dark. It didn't seem like anything to be worried about but still he shouldn't ignore this.

"Where was this 'dark man' going?" he questioned wryly.

"Temple," the other child answered.

Krillin nodded but wasn't concerned. It probably wasn't anything to worry about; just some animal doing it's nightly business and with that he absorbed his makeshift light and the area again plunged into blackness. He heard the chattering of teeth coming from the kids and gently reached out with both arms and took their hands.

"Hey guys," he whispered. Their didn't seem to be any point in being quiet yet it seemed the idea of being loud was even stranger. "Can you two fly?"

At first there was no answer than after a few empty seconds their came a pair of soft 'yes'. So the warrior lightly tugged at the boys hands and soon they glided back over the woods to the temple.

Never in his life had Krillin felt out of place and finally he could understand how even the high and mighty Prince of Saiyans got flustered when his 'mate' told him it was his turn to baby-sit. He for one would never have kids (A/N He's right on that since he only has one kid. ^_^)

What sort of idiot has kids anyways? Sure they could be okay to be around every once in a while, but to raise them was a completely other matter.

They eventually landed in front of the door and as one of the twins opened the door the glare of the indoor lights blinded him for a second causing him to look down and notice a set of muddy footprints leading inside and down the hall.

Krillin blinked making sure he wasn't seeing anything. The footprints were too big to be his or one of the children plus they were leading in not out. Getting down on one knee, he touched one. It was still fresh, so it had probably been made recently and he was sure these hadn't been here when he had gone out. Could it be the 'dark man' that the kid had mentioned?

He followed the prints for a ways but turned back seeing the kids still standing in the entrance looking at him. The human walked back and took their hands again leading them to a door at one side of the passage and knocked. Soon an elderly, rather tired looking monk answered and gave him a questioning look.

"Hello brother," Krillin said remembering his own time living at a temple. "Could you take of these children?"

The monk indicated for the twins to enter, then earthling thanked him and continued after the footprints. They could mean nothing but if they belonged to a vevil, it could mean everything.


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