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Krillin sat bolted upright. Light, dark, light, darků his mind raced mentally over the two words again and he again. He seemed barely aware of his surroundings, his comfy bed, his concerned wife next to him, and his pyjamas, which hopefully were soaking merely from sweat.

Dark, light, dark, light, dark, his mind continued. Finally he forced himself to realise where he was and what was happening.

His breathing was fast and erratic, beside him 18 (I can't spell her real name) was awake and had her hand on his arm giving it a comforting squeeze.

"Krillin?" she asked seeing that he was more aware now. "Are you okay?"

The 'light, dark's tried to edge back into his mind but he pushed them out of his mind and turned his eyes to rest on his wife.

"I guess so," Krillin answered shakily, "I've never had a nightmare like that before." 18 looked at him puzzled for a second and then a look of enlightenment shone in her eyes.

"Oh yes, nightmirror! Isn't that a mirror that allows you to see your reflection even when its night-time!" she said proud with her own intelligence.

Krillin couldn't help but smile, Dr. Gero, the scientist who created her and her brother 17 had programmed them with amazing strength, the most effective ki attacks, and some of the most incredible fighting techniques, but he neglected any knowledge about the basic human lifestyle other than that they eat, drink, and generally could easily be killed. He was only glad that 18 was not going to need the last part anymore.

"Something like that," said Krillin suppressing a snicker.

Under normal circumstances, he might have explained what a 'nightmirror' really was but new if he would've explained she would want him to tell what his dream was about and for some reason he didn't want to. It was almost as if he was possessive of it, not wanting give away something that was his. No matter how strange it seemed, he felt it wasn't time to explain.

Krillin got up telling 18 that he wanted to clean up, so taking some dry pyjamas he headed down the hall and into the bathroom. There he grabbed for the hot water faucet and broke it right off.

"Oh great, I wanted a cold shower," he muttered turning the other faucet.

After a nearly freezing to death Krillin used his towel to get worst of the moisture out of his hair (yes, he has hair, he got it after marrying 18) then putting it away he turned to see his gi lying by the bathroom window, he must of left it there when he last had a shower. It seemed to tempt him to go out, explore maybe.

Why not? A nice flight in the cool could clear his mind and do him some good. Besides, he thought taking a look outside, was clear out and the stars were blanketing the sky and he wouldn't have a chance to fly in a night like this for a while. So Krillin dressed in his orange gi and flew out into the night air.

Outside he went aimlessly, he flew without caring where he went as long he kept flying. For he contemplated if he should return home but it didn't seem like the time for that, at least for now.

At that moment he saw flashes.

Lightning he thought.

"Oh just what I need, another shower," he said sarcastically as more flashes joined the first one.

Surprisingly he didn't here thunder afterwards, and several minutes went by without hearing a single rumble.

"What's going?" he asked nobody.

"You'll see." Krillin turned to see the source of the voice.

There before him was a elderly, tall man with pointed ears and a grey and black beard. A man he never thought he'd see again.

He gasped, he couldn't believe itů

It was impossible...

It couldn't be...

Butůit was!

"Master Elfital!" Krillin whispered.

The man said nothing. Then Krillin saw another flash and saw no more.