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"Krillin," whispered a gentle voice in his. There was such a light caress in that voice that as Krillin stirred it was as if he had woken on his own.

Slowly, he stretch out with his sense to the waking world keeping eyes tightly shut. Krillin felt himself wrapped rather comfortably in his sheets, his head was snuggled up to a nice soft pillow but despite being soft it was big enough to give his head the support it needed. His nose picked a faint scent in the background.

"Mmm," he murmured to himself. The scent was of fresh blue berry muffins and coffee. If he wasn't mistaken it was coffee from Murchies, his favourite place to buy the beans. Krillin was almost reluctant to open his eyes instead of just the darkness in which further sleep might lie.

He as lazily parted his eye lids, Krillin used the heel of his right hand to rub the yellow sleep from the corners of his eyes. It was particularly thick this morning and as he wiped it from his eyes the warm fuzzy feeling that one felt when you first wake went with it.

Krillin was slightly unhappy for that feeling to leave. It was always comforting to enjoy that feeling when you wake up and as it left memories slashed into his being as relentless as any knife.

Light, dark, Krillin caught himself before his mind continued with that thoughtless rant again. He didn't want to think about that nightmare. Other dream memories also seemed to flow into him.

Flashes of lightning which weren't lightning and a man who couldn't possibly have been.

Master Elfital.

The man whose long grey and black beard had could never be brushed out and when they tried the comb or brush would get stuck.

The man whose sense humour and amazing yet strict methods had succeeded time and time again.

The man whom had always been there for him, through thick and thin.

The man he had abandoned.

"It was just as dream," he said to himself. "They were both dreams."

Still, he could not shake them from his head. The first had been outright terrifying, while the second had been deeply disturbing. Personally he didn't want either of those ideas to be in his head.

Finally Krillin shook away his thoughts and got his bearings. Sure enough he was in a bed with nice warm sheets and he was pleased to see it was HIS bed. This was his room too he noted happily with the two windows near his bed were both partially open letting the breeze in and the curtains parted so the sun could light the room.

On the walls hung the pictures of landscapes and animals that 18 had put up. He remembered her saying that they were in honour of her departed big brother 16 who loved that sort of thing about Earth. Maybe that was so, but he had noticed her looking at them frequently.

He sighed with relief. Being in his room meant that his dreams were indeed dreams and he hadn't seen a battle between the light and dark, seen odd lightning, or met Master Elfital.

Krillin sighed again. He would have liked to see his old master again, perhaps he could have apologised.

"I see your up," he saw 18 wearing a frilly apron trot into the room. "Its about time you know your late for your reunion with your friends. So scoot mister!"

Before he knew it he was soaring off to Master Roshi's house.

As he approached the little island he saw both Vegeta and Bulma fly by.

Bulma flying? he thought, but he figured it didn't really matter. Maybe Vegeta had taught her.

When he landed everything seemed rather strange. There was Gohan, Piccolo, Goku wearing saiyan outfits like the one Vegeta had worn when he first came to Earth. Vegeta himself was wearing an orange gi like Krillin's own. What Yamcha, Tien, and Chautzoi were wearing was truly hilarious. They were wearing dresses with things like 'love' and 'cutie' written all over them with matching scouters.

"Hello Krillin," said Gohan marching over to him. "My old pals Nappa, Cell, and Freeza should be here soon!"

Krillin looked very oddly at him and sincerely hoped this was a joke. "Uh, Gohan I suppose Garlic Jr. and Borjack will coming too?" he asked trying to laugh.

"Oh," Gohan replied happily, "they are already here." He waved Garlic Jr., Borjack AND Radditz were happily seated on a log and waved back.

Trying to stay calm and not think Gohan had gone out of his mind, Krillin edged over to where the other earthlings were.

"Guys," he said his eyes flickering to Gohan who was engaging a newly arrived Cell in conversation, "is Gohan okay?"

"Oh he's fine, Krillin," said Goku coming over to join them.

Wasn't Goku dead? Krillin thought with confusion.

"Well, maybe he's fine but your clothes aren't," Yamcha giggled.

Krillin was about to tell him what his clothes looked like when Piccolo and Vegeta walked over Vegeta with a mirror in hand.

"Take a look in the nightmirror, human," taunted Vegeta.

When Krillin looked at his reflection the area behind him was completely black but his body was easy enough to see. He was wearing absolutely nothing.

"Ha, ha," said Piccolo.


Krillin opened his eyes and saw blue sky.

He was aching all over and the was dirt coating his skin and hair.

"One two many wake ups," he muttered and wrenched himself from the ground.

He was in the middle of a meadow with trees on either side, they differently not the trees he had seen where the flashing had begun. They were much too short.

Groaning he got onto his feet and flew into the sky. He must of gone a few kilometres but there was absolutely no sign of a city, just rolling hills, more meadows and more trees. Nothing looked familiar not in the least.

"Where I am?" Krillin asked to this world.


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