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Okay, Krillin was seriously getting ticked off. He had just had a VERY annoying night which seemed like it have given him zero energy, and above all he didn't know where he was! The rolling landscape went on and on without a sign of a house, city or anything manmade whatsoever.

For a moment he contemplated going faster so he might search the area quicker but he knew that it wouldn't be worth it. If he went even a quarter of his top speed he could easily pass ten cities without even thinking he had missed something, besides at this speed he could thoroughly scout the area.

After about fifteen minutes, Krillin had still not seen anything other than normal countryside things, trees, lakes, and grass. True all of them were very beautiful but none of the sights had anything that hinted of an intelligent being.

He grumbled. Why him?

Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, or any of the others would have looked at this situation and planned out exactly what to do without a drop of sweat falling from their brow. They had always knew had to stay calm and under control (though Bulma maybe not).

But him?

What if he was on some alien planet where the natives were brain eaters? Not something he wanted to think about, definitely not.

Maybe he was on a world where a evil being with the power of Freeza or worse Cell roamed free?

Or what if he was alone without another sentient being on the entire planet to talk to, with no way to get back to his wife and friends forever and ever? He preferred brain eaters and Cell wannabes.

What if?…

With that Krillin slammed himself on the side of his head.

"Ouch," he yelped when hit himself too hard, but it had been worth it. If he thought that he was going to be attacked every second he was going to turn into a nervous wreck.

Thinking for a second, he headed up to the clouds. It was a nice day the sort he would find himself thinking about better times and possibilities. Not that he would change anything.

No… that wasn't true, there were plenty of things he wished were different.

He wished he had met 18 earlier in his life so he could have enjoyed more time with her, though if that had happened she probably would killed him and the others without thinking she might have liked living among humans.

He wished that Son Gohan hadn't had to grow up so soon. It was sad to see a look in the boy's eyes that seemed older than most adults and a knowledge of suffering and pain that very few even had a glimpse of.

Most of all he wished Goku was in the living world. Krillin knew that the kindly saiyan had his reason for staying dead even though he didn't have to but it wasn't easy knowing that his oldest and dearest friend wasn't among them anymore.

As Krillin reached cloud level he stopped just above one particularly fluffy white one and closed his eyes. He needed to think and flying around aimlessly wasn't going to help anything and so with that he crossed his legs and hovered there.

First things first, he reminded himself, he couldn't do anything until he got the basis of reality. He just had some experiences that had to be dealed with to figure out which were dreams and which weren't, that much was essential and could not be denied. Hmm, maybe using that he could figure out what was going on here.

He might as well assume that this was real and not his imagination, if that were true he could safely assume that the "nightmirror" wasn't and… that he had seen Master Elfital. Perhaps that strange lighting had hit and knocked him out, even though for that little energy to do any harm to him at all let alone knock him out was more than weird.

Now where was he?

It made sense that he might still be on Earth but his planet was so populated he should have seen someone by now or sensed them.

Or sensed them? Krillin nearly gave himself another hit on the head to join the first one. He needed more sleep that much he could tell without trying but to forgetting about sensing ki! Oh well, he couldn't really blame himself, sleeping on the ground in a less than comfortable position was not the best way to get a good night's rest.

Opening his eyes he looked down at whatever planet this was, the cloud that had been beneath him had been blown a couple miles away letting a spectacular view of the land below. There was a mountain range with snow capped peaks, huge forest undisturbed by logging companies, hills with some of greenest grass he had seen covering them, and crystal clear lakes here and there.

With no further hesitation Krillin opened his mind to the ki of this world's inhabitants. When the first wave of ki enter his mind, the power of those nearby. He wasn't surprised in the least, they were low ones most likely animal ki for sentient beings usually had a distinctive feeling to their ki. Then he felt something he was definitely not suspecting. It was powerful, no way as powerful as himself or any of the Earth Special Forces but to feel that many strong powers was overwhelming and unexpected.

Krillin zeroed in on the powers, turned to face the right direction and with a burst of white aura he flew towards the them.

As he zoomed through the sky, clouds, grass, and lakes turned to a mere blur of colours.

He wondered what the people here were like, to be strong and so many numbers it was stunning. The nameks had been the strongest people he had ever met and in general they were not even close to as strong as whatever race lived here. Hopefully, they were as peaceful as the nameks.

As he neared the site, he got a better sense of the people that lived there. They weren't all stronger then the nameks after all, some of them probably children were half the average namekian power level, others were about trice that power, perhaps they were adults. He could sense about thirty ki's that seemed stronger than Captain Ginyu, Krillin blinked that was strong, those had be the groups warriors, at least nobody seemed like a threat to him.

Finally the area where this people were came into view. It was on the edge of the mountain range he had seen earlier and a few houses built onto it. The entire village, it was a village, was built in a style he couldn't place, the main part of the houses were rectangle and the roofs were pointed like many Earth houses but the shingles extended to the ground leaving space between the roofs and the main building. He noticed boxes were being stored in that area.

He took a look at the men and women of this town expecting some odd new species he had never seen anything like, but they seemed human and was about to let loose a cry for joy but stopped himself. Krillin knew from experience from seeing saiyans that they could look very human but that meant nothing. They were a handsome group, tall and thin but not to a extreme so that it would hamper moving around.

Nearing the middle of the town, he saw a half-finished temple with a group of monks working on it. They looked like monks at least they had shaved heads he had once and the plain robes. This was probably the village centre, he decided and it was good place as any to get help, so Krillin headed down to the platform.

Then the chaos began.

"Run, it’s a vevil!" screamed one monk pushing past him and running into the temple soon he was joined by many others.

On the streets men and women alike rushed into their houses howling as if it were the end of the world grabbing their children on the way in. The screams and yells continued until one factor changed.

Twelve men and six women in purple gi's walked from out of the temple doors. They were all muscle. They looked brave and courageous and ready to die.


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