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Krillin gave the warriors a one over, a casual look. He didn't want to fight them but if worse came to worse he might as well have an idea what he was up against. Unfortunately they definitely seemed like they were more than willing to fight if it came to that.

He hoped it wouldn't.

They wore their purple gi's with yellow sashes like they were born in them and each of them was obviously a trained fighter. The men were about as broad as Goku or perhaps Piccolo while the women were a little smaller and a bit less wide, both sexes looked average in height and neither looked like people to mess with.

None of those things truly scared Krillin. With a quick scan of their ki he could tell that each at the most was a tenth of his full power level, if he needed he could take they all without a scratch even though he didn't feel at his best.

What really bothered him were the looks on their faces.

Those expression made him nervous. It wasn't the anger that for some reason showed in them, some like Freeza would hate a field mouse if he thought it looked at him the wrong way. It was the look fear that hid in their eyes, it was under control but for someone to fear him bothered him deeply.

"Its okay," he said putting out a hand out in a gesture of friendship, "I am not here to hurt anyone."

One of them, a black haired man, a kid really, spat at that and instead of relaxing or responding, the warriors and him got into battle stances and their faces darkened visibly.

"Wait a minute!" Krillin begged. This wasn't going as well as he hoped. "I am not here to fight!"

Finally one them, a red headed man with bright green eyes, step forward and addressed him.

"We do not talk with vevils," growled the man his hair ruffling in the wind. "You will never have the Shadow Blade, dark child, not as long as we have breath."

With that he rejoined his companions and then they attacked.

So much for diplomacy, Krillin thought and he prepared himself.

One man lunged straight for him attempting to kick him in the stomach and it would have worked he was still there, but as soon as Krillin seen the man come towards him, he had thrown himself into a back flip. Halfway through the flip the human pushed off with his hands and making his feet plunge into the aggressor's chest, knocking him flat.

Landing on his feet, he twirled around just in time just to block a fist from slamming him in the head.

The fist's owner was a muscular brunette woman who glared him in the eyes before she executed a dazzling display of kicks and punches. Blocking some of them and dodging others Krillin had no trouble avoiding her tries to hit but he didn't counterattack and instead flew into the air.

He didn't want to harm a girl.

When he was a couple hundred metres up, looking down at the warriors below him, he noticed there were a few missing. At that moment he felt someone smash him down from behind and Krillin found himself soaring back down to the ground.

To the ground where two of his male opponents hit him in the head and neck.

Getting a hold on what was going he managed to trip them and got a distance away. That had HURT but a least now he had a bruise to match the one he had given himself, he thought, rubbing his head.

With that Krillin concentrated on the ki's of all the warriors, they would NOT sneak up on him again.

"What?" he whispered barely breathing.

Something was very wrong with their ki.

Oh no, he thought, a not good factor had to turn up… their powers had tripled at least. They must have learned how to hide ki. This was not good, true one on one he was more than a match for even the strongest of them, still, he would have to careful for if he wasn't they could overwhelm him.

Another woman appeared behind, this one wielding a knife that was aimed at his throat.

"No you don't," Krillin muttered out loud and he moved down with blade giving him just enough time to catch it between both hands on the dull part of the blade and then twisting it out of its owner's hands. He blasted it after wrenching it out of her grasp. Blades, hands and feet could kill but only hands and feet could stun. Blades were for keeps.

The woman proceeded to produce two new knifes from her sleeves, one for each hand, and charged at him. What was she? Next thing he knew she anounce a sale on butcher knifes, a two for one offer!

"Stop it all of you!" yelled a familiar voice.

The purple clad warriors froze, their faces bewildered at why any might even think of stopping this battle.

Krillin froze too looking around for that voice that had shouted as much to thank them as to find out who it was. The only person who didn't freeze on the spot was the woman charging at him who had been in running at him when the order came and unable to stop she and Krillin toppled down onto the dirt.

Thankfully neither had been pierced by knifes and somehow the two of them managed to untangle themselves from each other. When they were finally on their feet, an old man walked over to them.

Krillin nearly fell over again when he looked the elderly man.

The wavy, long, grey and black beard and trademark pointed ears.

Those long purple robes with yellow flower designs that Krillin had always thought so odd.

Before he knew it he was hugging the man, his old master, the man who had taught him the basics of martial arts and so much more. It was like a dream but he hoped with all his heart it wasn't. There was so much he wanted to say or to apologise for and now he had that chance.

"Krillin…" gasped Master Elfital, "I need to breath." With that the human's arms became limp at his sides but his gaze was still fixed on the master.

"What's going on?" Krillin asked his eyes wandering to sites around him.

The people in the village hearing no more noise were peeking out their windows at them. His previous enemies were staring at him and Elfital like it was the strangest thing in the world. Then he noticed something he hadn't seen before: every last one of them had pointed ears like his master.

"Welcome to Triangu Village and Polinom Temple, my old pupil," Elfital said with a spreading his hands to indicate the village and temple. Krillin looked back at him and the old man's face lit up with a strange smile. "We've been waiting for you."


Well that was my first fan fiction battle and I hope you enjoyed it! The next chapter should be coming out soon.