Hey have you noticed the names I have for the areas might look familiar. Perhaps from math class?

Triangle = Triangu Village

Polynomial = Polinom Temple

Hey, if the saiyans are named after veggies why can't buildings and places be named after mathematical terms? Or maybe I've just been in math class too long?

By the way I did a little research on Japanese culture for this chapter so some of the things in it would seem more authentic. If I got anything wrong please don't be offended just e-mail at teekoness@hotmail.com and tell me alright? Then I'll rewrite that bit.

Here is my best explanation of the terms in here.

shoji screen: a paper wall that use to be used in Japanese houses

kimono: a Japanese outfit; think kung fu outfit with the coat part longer and the entire thing more colourful

green tea (I don't know its Japanese name): a greenish Japanese tea *try it, its good*


The next few minutes were a blur for Krillin. Basically in shock from all that had happened he was not feeling at his best when it came to keeping control on the situation. At least when he went on a quest or went to fight he had an idea what would happen.

Well…. most of the time. There was that time he went into that mirror spacecraft or the fake Namek or thought the androids he was fighting were the ones he had been warned about or there was that one time…

Okay, maybe he didn't always know what would happen but THIS time was different.

First he had been completely disoriented by some a way weird dream. Then he had seen his supposedly dead ex-master. After that he had another dream to get him all confused once more. To top it off he was transported to some place he had never heard of and was now back with his old master again.

Comparing that to his previous experiences wasn't really comparison.

When Krillin finally came back to reality he found himself with a cup of green tea at a low set table and sitting on a pillow.

Across from him was Master Elfital sipping lightly from his own cup and looking at him every once in a while. The room had shoji screens separating this room from the others as well as from the outside. There was pictures of some beautiful scenery decorating the area and a bed in the corner.

The master had always been fond of old Japanese culture and back when Krillin had trained with Elfital he had worn the same purple and yellow kimono and tried to make his house look as Japanese as possible. The only thing out of place was the bed which was a more modern style.

He eyed the room again. By look of it he still did.

At least some things never changed.

"Well, it seems you haven't changed to much, my old apprentice," Master Elfital said finally with a bit of amusement in hidden in his voice and the human looked at him with a smile. "Still a stubborn pig who thinks that everything can be solved with a fist."

Krillin's smiled disappeared. "Hey," he protested, "wait a sec! They started it and I just defended myself!"

Elfital's gazed at him with a steely look in his eyes. "Then you should of seen that they were confused and tried to explain."

"But I did!" he cried dropping his cup which spread it's watery contents on the floor.

"You should of tried harder," replied the master, dismissing his argument and his eyes not relenting for a minute.

"But…" Krillin began.

"But nothing," said Elfital cutting him off.

"This why I left the first time," the human grumbled then crossed his arms and looked intensely at his spilt tea. "No one can train under you for as long as I did and not be driven nuts a dozen times over."

With that the old man's face turned annoyingly serene. "The ones you fought managed."

"Huh?" Krillin said and looked sideways at Elfital. "You trained them?"

"No slang and bad manners when you talk to me, please."

"Okay," the human sighed. "Please, could you tell me if you trained them?"

"That’s an improvement," said Elfital pouring himself some more tea from a pot. "Yes, I trained every single one of them and they behave considerably better than you did when you trained under me. They wear the purple gi's with yellow sashes to show that they are my pupils. You might have noticed that is the general colour I wear."

"I've noticed," Krillin replied sharply then he added, "What's going on here anyway? How did I get here? One minute I am flying through the sky next I see you and a flash of whatever it was and then I am in the middle of nowhere!"

To this Master Elfital said only one thing "Manners."

Krillin looked at him like he was insane and then with some considerable effort he added a please.

The elderly master made a motion like he was about to take another sip from his cup but stopped and looked at him unblinkingly.

"You'll find out soon enough what's going on here, I feel it is best for you to find out a little time. To give it to you all at once would not be easy for you to process.

"As for how you got here we brought you here using a form of magic perhaps like the one you sometimes call science. I can't explain all of how it happens because we don't completely understand it ourselves but I will tell you what we do know the flashes you saw was a space and time storm of our creation. When you approached it's centre we sent the voice and image of me to keep you in one place long enough to lock onto you and bring you roughly to this place and time. I used that same method to go to where you use to be and to prepare you and then come back here."

The human warrior's eyes widened and he realised his mouth hanging open and he was sweating but he didn't care. He didn't even bother to close his mouth.

"Then… why did you got through all this fuss to get me here?" Krillin stuttered. "Why am I so important?"

Elfital wiped his mouth as he finished tea and placed the cup on the table.

"That you are not ready for," Elfital simply said and got up, walked to the door, opened it and pause before going out. "By the way," he added, "please clean up the mess you made before going out," then he went and shut the door behind him.


Hey this chapter went better than I thought! It started rather forced but flowed after a while and I figured out Elfital's personality. This wasn't my most astounding chapter but this had to be written to answer a few questions besides not all chapter are action or mystery.

I've developed one major hope since starting this thing: I want both people who are Krillin fans and those who aren't reading this fan fiction. Hey, I read a Radditz fan fiction and I am no Radditz fan and I L-O-V-E-D it! So don't be a spoil sport just because Krillin isn't your favourite DBZ character!