One would have expected Krillin to be shocked after the even stranger thing he had just learned but at that moment he wasn't. The human didn't feel in of control things, that was for sure, but shocked? Not in the least.

It was if his past experience had almost numbed him. Well, it was more like that after being stunned so frequently in the last night and last few hours had made him go to the point where he just could not be anymore. At that point he could only recover from his past experiences.

So there he sat in the room trying to contemplate what was going on.

Krillin understood partially how he had got here and as far-fetched as it sounded he had no other explanations. So, until his fairy godmother and perhaps Santa Claus as well showed up it was the best he had to go. Whether he liked it or not.

Why he was here was even more annoying. For that questions he had only one answer: he needed to be or at least thatís the impression he had got from Master Elfital. Unfortunately that was the sort of answer that only sparked more questions.

Why am I so important?

What am I suppose to do?

Is there danger here?

It could be very depressing the sort of things that happen to him, he reflected glumly.

The human warrior got up from the pillow he had been sitting on. He might as well go outside and take a look around. Elfital hadn't said he had to stay here. The idea of stretching his legs was not unappealing besides he'd like to look around the place and talk to the villagers.

As Krillin started to head for the door, he heard a sound and felt wetness against his left foot.

"Squish," went the sound again and he looked down to see one of his feet it a small puddle of green tea with it's cup near by. Hadn't he been told to clean it up?

For a moment the human hesitated and grinned at it the tea. He might not have been to get the better of the old master in their conversation but he could do it now. Krillin started once more for the door, stopped looking again down at the mess, and then went to look for something to wipe it up with.

A thousand deaths and humiliations were worth it when it came to not getting that man angry, he decided and found a rag. With that he used it to wipe up the tea.

When Krillin got out of the door he found that the hut he had been in was in the heart of Triangu Village right next to the temple. Part of him had noticed this on his way in but at that time he hadn't exactly feeling at his best. This particular house was more square shaped than the others and like the inside was Japanese style.

He's really out done himself this time, the human thought as he looked at it. Even at my old temple he didn't have something like this.

"Excuse me, sir," came a voice sounding rather tried for patience. Krillin turned to see a teenage boy dressed in the purpled gi and yellow sash of the other village warriors.

The human looked warmly at the kid and recognised him as the black haired man who had spit when Krillin had first met him the other fighters. The boy looked around fourteen, though by his height he looked about 5 "6, no wonder he had first mistaken him as a man, but by his face he looked fifteen tops.

Noticing the friendly look that Krillin had on, the boy returned it with a scowl to seem worthy of Vegeta.

"My name is Westlin," the kid said shortly.

"Krillin," replied the human extending his hand once more trying to break the tension. Westlin didn't take it.

The boy scowled once more and picked up a bag that had been tossed on the side of the hut and gave it to Krillin.

"The master thought you should wear these around the village," he stated. "He thought the villagers might get nervous if you walk around in those."

"You mean these?" Krillin asked staring down at his clothes, his bright orange gi with the turtle emblem on the front.

Westlin's face answered that question and the human took the bag back into the hut and changed putting his own gi in the bag the other had been in. He came out wearing the same outfit as the other warriors in the village. The gi's fit was a little baggy for his liking but otherwise it was fine and he had his hair so it was little over his ears so it would not be so obvious that he didn't have the typical pointed ones.

"Well," he said taking a deep breath, "lets go."

Though Krillin seen the village from above it was a completely different story from ground level. From down here it was astounding!

He supposed that if he lived here a few years he wouldn't be so amazed but to see something so different yet so alike to what he knew and loved was an experience he'd never forget or take for granted. It was incredible!

This place had streetlights like back home though he supposed they were most likely lanterns. They were hung from a pole around ten feet high and had an unusual shape instead of the rounded shape Krillin was use to: they were little pyramids.

There was a market in town where he was given a free sample of a fruit he never seen before, it was a pinkish lumpy thing that smelled sort of like a cross between a kiwi and a orange, and Krillin got a piece. As soon as he bit into it his eyes started watering and his tongue started burning.

He hastily decided not to get anymore free samples.

The spots he had seen between the houses and their roofs that he had seen earlier on didn't always have boxes in them. Many times he saw makeshift beds with small shelves filled up with books and toys in those spaces as often as not.

When he asked about that odd sight Westlin grudgingly explained. "When a child turns ten years they most learn for when they are an adult, at this stage they are 'dsair be Farinaes' or 'student of the world'. The dsair is too young to fend for themselves still but old enough that they must learn how to and so their parents give them a small living space on the side of the house called the 'garenti', they still eat with their parents but they sleep and play there. They are not told to clean or tidy there garenti but since it is so tiny they only have so much room for their belongings so they learn to be organised without as much trouble from the parents and there they live until they are eighteen years."

This stimulated his interest.

Gohan would kill to hear this, Krillin thought. He friend loved learning about this sort of thing.

"What if the weather turns bad?" the human asked.

"There are attachable insulated doors stored underneath the houses and if they get snowed in there is a small door in the garenti that leads into the main house," Westlin replied looking terribly bored.

"I neat idea," said Krillin. "Do you live in a garenti?"

For a moment he expected the boy to over react once more but instead a pride emitted from him that Krillin hadn't known dwelled in the lad.

"No, I don't," Westlin declared his eyes shinying as if this were the greatest thing in the universe. "I make my own living as a pupil at Polinom Temple."

Then he went back to being nasty. "Are you done here?" he barked.

"Yes," grumbled Krillin. He had almost broke the barrier between them but it was getting close to dark and if he knew standard martial arts protocol (at least when Elfital was teaching) they would have to be early to bed and early to rise. True he wasn't really one of the apprentices here but he was staying there under that assumption.

Westlin took him back to the temple where sure enough the other apprentices were doing their after-exercise stretches and were packing up. The monks working on the building were also getting ready to go, packing up there tools and relaxing on the steps going up to the main structure

Krillin was led through the temple doors and into one of the more complete sections that turned out to be the dormitories. Westlin zig zagged through a few halls with the human tagging behind and finally stopped in front of one green door.

"This is it," he stated and then walked off without even a good bye.

"Kids today," Krillin sighed opening the door.

The room was small and unremarkable with a little window in the middle. In one corner was a trunk for his belongs not that he'd really need it for the only belonging he had was the gi in the bag he was carrying. The other corner had a desk with a little lantern that lit the room and a hot meal.

Neither of those things caught the human's eye he was staring at the bed in the middle with a longing like a parched man has for water. He had forgotten about his awful night's sleep with the events of the day and now that tiny, lumpy bed looked like heaven.

He ran to it at that moment and threw the bag with the gi in it up in the air not caring where it fell. Not bothering to eat the meal or turn off the lantern he jumped onto it.

So much had happened in one day. What was next?

Sleep overwhelmed him and he sank into a deep slumber.