Chapter eight! This is great! I made a rhyme without knowing it.

Watch out Teekon is feeling sappy, it just because she's so happy about how this epic going and now I better get on with the story. One of my favourite things about this fic is that I get to develop a culture for the pointy-eared people


The human walked in the emptiness calmly and without fear somehow clinging onto whom it was as the nothingness tried to pull it into oblivion. The being wasn't male or female, it was both and it was neither, but it was.

In the distance it saw opposites clashing in their struggle with a ferocity that was astounding. The light and dark continued their fight and tingled in anticipation for what was to come. The end of the battle was coming.

Behind the titans, colours formed bright, stunning colours as well as dark, murky ones and as the battle between light and dark went on more of them formed.

And then they were gone.


Krillin opened his eyes and shivered. Not that dream again. It had come in a variation but every bone in his body told him it was the same dream or at least the same feeling behind it. He found himself lying on his front with his face buried into a pillow.

A rock hard pillow that had given him a less than comfy rest, Krillin noted as he pushed himself up and rolled his head around to get the aches out of his neck. It was amazing that he could be hit and skid on his head for fifty metres and it still his neck would fell more comfortable than this.

Sometimes the simple things could give off the most joy, grief, and in this case, pain.

Getting off the bed he sadly saw that this was definitely not his bedroom. He hadn't expected that yesterday's experiences had been just a dream, but he had hoped it had been.

Walking to the middle and up to the window, he pushed aside the curtains. There was no pane so he could his head and arms through to enjoy the cool night air.

The view was quite nice and there was just enough light to make out the scenery. The pyramid-shaped streetlights were keeping the village glowing and the mountain range he had seen before was towering above everything and he could see a few rivers trickling down it. Above even that were the starts twinkling merrily but slowly dimming as the sun's warm rays started to peek out from behind the mountains.

In would be sunup soon and there would be little point in going back to sleep, Krillin decided, if Master Elfital had a say they would be expected to wake as soon as the sun was over the mountain peaks.

He turned back to the room. It was dark and forlorn looking and he looked for the lantern that had been in the room the previous day. It was on the desk like it had been before.

Turning it on wasn't as easy as finding it and he fiddled with it no luck for a few minutes. Finally Krillin noticed that the bottom of the lantern unscrewed and scanning it with a finger he found trace amounts of a thick black liquid in the compartment. Oil. There was only a little so it must have run out last night.

Nearby he discovered a cylinder container with some oil inside and used it to refill the lantern and then putting it back together started fiddling with it again.

Unfortunately he didn't have much luck. He played with the knob that it had, tightened the bottom, shook it and even hit the darn thing, but no game. Absolutely no fire sprung up from the middle of the contraption.

"Wait a second," he said. "It's got to be lit!"

Krillin started to form a little ki at the tip of his finger to light it with but he stopped. Taking a look at the lantern he knew it was too dangerous now. The oil was leaking and its general shape of it wasn't great. If he tried to light it now he very well might start a fire. Instead he made the ki on his finger into a ball that brightened the room a great deal.

He really didn't want to wander around that way but it was the best he could do for now.

The human turned his attention to the meal that had been left abandoned on the desk near what use to be a lantern. It was beans, a not particularly tasty meal, but healthy though it had long since gone cold. Even so he ate one-handedly keeping the ki ball balanced in the other.

By the time Krillin finished it he could he hear the stirring from the temple's other residents, so putting the bowl back and absorbing the energy in his hand, he went to join them.

Out in the hall he saw other ones dressed in the typical purple gi and yellow sash walking somewhere and following them he mentally counted the rights and lefts to his room. Eventually they led him to a huge room with tables and chairs that the temple monks and purple clad warriors sat at while a few monks with trays came around handing out what looked like breakfast.

Most likely this was the cafeteria.

"Hey Krillin! Over here!" The human turned to see two waving fighters at the end table; they seemed to be saving him a seat.

Not knowing anyone, it was nice that someone invited him to sit with them, so he smiled and waved back. When he approached the table he recognised the table's occupants. They were knife-girl, he had a 'tumble' with, and the redhead, who had spoken to him so distastefully when he had first arrived.

Neither seemed to be holding their first meeting against him, they even seemed pleased to meet him and pretty much forced him into a seat between them.

"Sorry about yesterday, we didn't know who you were," said knife-girl.

Now that she wasn't trying to kill him, Krillin noticed she was quite beautiful with blonde hair put up in a bun and sapphire blue eyes, but she sort of ruined that image when a bowl of food was placed in front of her. She started gulping it down at the speed of a saiyan.

"By the way I am Airist and she's Phaerin," said the red-head hastily before starting on his food.

It was a rather comical sight, Krillin reflected, these two were handsome enough to be models yet the both were incredibly strong and ate like any in the Son family. He looked at his bowl, the meal was porridge with bits of fruit in it, and he felt his stomach growl. The beans had just provoked his stomach and he had only eaten that weird fruit yesterday.

Without any further hesitation he joined them. By the end, they polished off twenty-five bowls.

Letting out a satisfying burp, Krillin looked over at his new friends and rubbed his belly, the food had tasted awful but at least he was full. Between Airist and Phaerin they must have eaten nineteen portions.

"How did you do eat so much?" the human finally asked.

Phaerin looked at Krillin oddly.

"Querisian physiology," she said. "The stronger you are the more you eat."

Airist looked at him eagerly.

"So you are another species," he breathed. "Master Elfital said you were, but I didn't really believe him."

"I mean you are a little short," Krillin winced as Phaerin pointed this out, "and your ears aren't pointed like ours, but other then that you look very much like a Queris."

"What species are you anyway?" Airist asked.

"Homo sapienů human," Krillin said.

Hearing this, they got a strange look on their faces like they were anticipating him to walk on water or something. But before he could ask why a gong was sounded and breakfast was over.

"So," Phaerin said, "are you going to train with us?"

Seeing the look of hesitation on the human's face, Airist slammed him on the back almost knocking him flat and said "Ahhh come on!"

Krillin smiled at the male Queris. "Alright."

Together the three warriors walked out of the cafeteria through a few more halls and outside to a cleared area one side and a lake, trees and the beginning of the mountains on the other side.

On the cleared part was some young children dressed in yellow gi's and older ones dressed in the same yellow gi's but with purple sashes as well, both groups were praticing kicks, punches and blocks. Walking among them was Elfital correcting positions and giving orders.

"Those are the students, the younger ones are called the Novices and the older ones are the Apprentices," Phaerin explained.

"I thought that you all were apprentices," Krillin asked.

"Its not that simple we still train under the master's supervision but what he tells us is more suggestions than anything," Airist said. "We're the 'yurari' those who completed their training. One can be a yurari as soon as they complete the physical aspect of their training but most wait until Master Elfital says its okay."

"So homo sapien human," Phaerin added.

"Just call me a human," Krillin corrected.

"Do you want to spar?" she continued, her eyes gaining a strange light.

"Against you?"

"Against both of us," Airist stated. "We know you can beat us one on one but me and Phaerin make a good team so lets see if you can match us together."

"Okay, when do you want to start?" the human asked.

This was going to get interesting.