The threesome walked to Master Elfital and suggested the idea of a match. The elderly man seemed enthusiastic at the idea, saying that it would be good for the students to watch and thankfully gave Krillin no grief.

"Oh Krillin," he said before the human started some stretches. "Don't show off."

Maybe he had spoken too soon and Krillin shook his head.

A few yurari started getting the training children off the cleared area and into a few lines in front of the temple. Once that was done the yurari themselves joined the kids looking interested at Krillin, Airist, and Phaerin.

One of yurari walked over to them and seeing the black hair, Krillin recognised him as his guide from the other day. Westlin ignored Krillin and went straight for Airist and Phaerin.

"You really want to spar with him?" the kid asked without even looking at the human and frowned.

"Why not?" answered Airist returning the frown. "You saw him yesterday, he's a good fighter and we'd like to see how we match up against him. Maybe you should ask him when he's done."

"But he's…" Westlin said giving Krillin a glance that shot icicles, "…short."

Phaerin glared at him. "You know very well that doesn't make a differences after you ki exceeds 1, 000," she replied and she guided the human and Airist away.

"What's his deal?" Krillin asked looking at the kid.

"Westlin is probably the strongest fighter here. He feels that you’re a threat to the position." Airist explained. "Don't let it bother you."

The earthling couldn't help but feel a little impressed. True, the boy was a jerk, but he was very powerful for his age though Son Gohan could probably beat up him in one second flat.

Pushing those thoughts from his mind, he and the other two went over to Elfital and said they were ready to begin.

"The village and temple will be out of bounds," Master Elfital told the three warriors sternly. "You're allowed to fight in the woods as well but I would prefer if you stay in sight so the students can watch. The rules are that each knock down will count as a point and the first group to get to 4 will be victorious."

Then he looked at Phaerin and said. "For those who wish to use knifes during battle, the blades must be dulled so that no one will be mortally injured and to touch someone with the blade will count as a knock down. Do you understand?"

The warriors nodded.

"Now we begin!" Elfital shouted.

Everything changed in a flash, the friendly grins that Krillin's companions had on changed in a split second. Their eyebrows knitted in concentration, their lips expressionless and they quickly changed into fighting stances.

The human to his mild surprise found himself in one as well. His body sideways with his right arm in front, ready to block, and the one back in preparation to lash out if somebody came close.

For a little while they all just stood their daring one and other to make a move. It was all tension, eyes meeting eyes and anticipation ringing in the air.

It was the Querises who first attacked. While Airist phased out in a blur of speed and Phaerin charged straight at Krillin, her hands sprouting the knifes she loved so much. As he prepared to block her onslaught he was hit from behind by he could assume was Airist.

He turned to meet the male Queris but halfway through he realised that Airist had been the decoy and pivoting back he saw Phaerin's knifes were only a centimetre from his stomach. Not having enough time to dodge or block them, Krillin stepped back as much as he could to muffle the blows.

Ouch, he thought as they smashed into his gut. Just because the knifes were blunted, it didn't mean that they didn't hurt. Now because of being hit with two knifes the tag team was ahead 2-0, he would have to be careful.

Thankfully his earlier movement had helped a great deal and he was able to launch himself into the sky before Airist attempted to kick him in the back.

Before they could pursue him, Krillin started a chant that he was quite familiar with. It wasn't his speciality but it was always very handy. "Ka………..meeeeee……ahhh…me…..ah!" Holding until the last second and waiting until the duo was close together he let loose a huge blast of red-white energy at them.

It hit them straight on and before he knew it smoke filled the air.

Krillin wasn't worried that he might have seriously injured somebody for he had held back a lot and his friends were strong. Sure enough when the smoke cleared and both of them were fine but to his satisfaction he saw the were had also been knocked down.


Taking the little time he had to think, he figured out a battle plan. His friends worked together so well that it seemed as if they were one person in two bodies. That wasn't the case with them but who said he couldn't do that with himself.

"Split form," he grunted concentrating hard. He had to break his thoughts in two for this two work.

Then that weird sensation that only Tien had ever got use to came over him. His body was breaking into two parts. Suddenly he found himself looking at himself.

Ignoring the disorienting feeling he said to Krillin Two "Remember that move with Guldo?"

The other Krillin nodded, gave a grin and said "Let's do it!"

So the Krillins disappeared and reappeared again and again snaking their way towards the recovering Phaerin and Airist. Finally they zeroed in on Phaerin when her companion dodged them and she was knocked back down

3-2 The Krillins were winning.

With a yell, Airist bashed into Krillin One and sent him tumbling into his counterpart. Not being able to stop the movement they fell onto the ground and merged once more.


The Querises got back together and got ready for the next part of this match and so did Krillin. Mistakes could not be tolerated anymore.

The human was about to rush at them when a familiar cry echoed through the area.

"Vevils!" came the scream.

Wasn't that what they had called him when he had first come here? Krillin thought.

By how the people said it this was not a good thing and the looks on Airist and Phaerin's faces confirmed it. The were pure white and he thought he saw Phaerin shivering.

If they were scared with all their bravery then it meant whatever was going to happen was less than good.

He saw Elfital hounding the Novices inside the temple while the Apprentices guarded the doors with a seriousness that just wasn't right for those who were so young.

The yurari were spreading out in small groups. Some were heading for the village, others to the other side of the temple, and a few staying here. When he saw that Airist and Phaerin were breaking up he decided to stick with Airist. Together they flew over the temple and to the village.

He couldn't believe what he saw next.