It was night on Planet Plant and the thick bush which was normally alive with the sound of birdcalls, animal grunts and other such things was strangely quiet. Much too quiet.

Above this all the sky was clear and with no electric lights anywhere nearby, it was lit up by hundreds, upon thousands, upon million, upon billions of stars burning clearly. A beautiful site that made one long to gaze up at them for hours unend; but wasn't this that caught your attention.

It was the full moon.

So incredibly bright it filled the entire planet with humbleness next to this mysterious vision. Unlike usual it didn't show the any of the craters that one might have noticed under normal circumstances. Instead it was like a round polished stone the colour of the smoothest milk hanging in the sky by some invisible string. A rare thing that one saw only once every seven years.

Suddenly a deafening roar shook the entire landscape and a huge beast charged into the bush ruthlessly smashing down trees. It was a huge creature, probably a hundred feet tall resembling a monkey, but it was a wider, more powerful build with red glowing eyes and coarse golden fur.

Bellowing again the creature's cry was answered this time by the screams of animals.

Two other monkey-like creatures jumped into the scene though they were slightly smaller and had brown fur instead. They ran up to their companion desperately trying to get its attention.

"Master Brolly," shouted one in a deep guttural voice that was traced with panic, "you've got to calm down!"

The gold monkey ignored the warning and almost gently plucked a little blue furred creature from the ground. The animal wailed and struggled in vain as it was brought up to its captor's eye and the gold monkey used his other hand to rip off the animal's limbs one by one and toss them casually to the ground.

The animal was still not dead and its cry becoming weaker by the second, while the monkey's face broke into a wide grin, then poor animal finally was given the blessing of death when the monkey finally popped it into his mouth and smacked his lips.

The brown monkeys visibly shivered but didn't leave and together they grabbed the golden one's arms trying to force him to the ground.

"This has to stop, Brolly!" yelled one the smaller of the two, its voice indicating that it was a female. "You don't have any control over this state, the gutasha is about control of power, not letting it rule you! This new level or whatever it is much too dangerous. You'll destroy someone for sure if you don't try to take control!"

This time the gold one seemed to listen and faced the other two. "Much too dangerous? Destroy someone for sure?" he said mockingly. "A suppose I might as well live up to your expectations, Cali, and you're probably with her as always, Egplan."

A disturbing chuckle emitted from his mouth that was still painted with red blood from his previous victim and with a twist he broke their grasp on his arms and in a flash he had turned around and placed his monstrous hands on their chests.

"Young Master Brolly," said the male monkey as fear filled his being, "your father Saiy would not want this, you know that. He is your father and you must respect that for sure. If you dishonour him like, he won't be very happy and most likely take it out on you. Understand this for your own sake.

For a moment the golden monkey seemed to consider, then a full out laugh this time came from his bloodstained lips. "I am much more than my father now. He has a good amount of power and as much ambition as me I dare say, but fate chose me to rule this new power and not him. I will be a legend to those of the universe. I will rule supreme above him and all else, and those who even think of denying me my birthright will simply have to die."

The two brown monkeys quivered and the female tried to reason with the golden monkey. "But young sir, this much power could…" She didn't get any farther, since at the moment the golden monkey's hands that were on her and her companions' chests started to glow with ki and they were quickly enveloped in the energy. They didn't even have a chance to scream.

Brolly, the golden monkey, the golden oozaru to be exact couldn't have cared less that the he had killed the other two. They had been a nuisance so he had got rid of them. It had been fun actually. He had seen their eyes come emit their fear as they came to the realisation that they were going to die.

They had acted like they had cared about him rather than tell him the truth, that they had wanted his power. Hah! Had the honestly expected him to fall for that? He was tried to limit his power so he might take it from him… but that didn't make sense did it?

His head hurt and he felt the longing to use his power even more.

Was it dangerous for him to use it freely… without control? No! He was legendary! Nothing could harm him! Nothing!

He mentally reached into his body and touched the power deep inside. It seemed to recoil at his efforts as if to warn him that this was wrong, but none the less he grabbed it roughly and let it loose, revelling in it.

He had never felt so good, so ultimately good. Nothing mattered but this! And with that he let more of the ki out.

Power destroyed trees, wild life, and many, very many people. Finally a huge energy beam went from the youth into the depths of outer space, eternally marking the land and the grave of Brolly who would be known as the Legendary Super Saiyan.

In the royal castle of Planet Plant on a throne sat a tired old man. His face was lined with wrinkles that seemed to sink into his cheeks and forehead. The man's head had a thinning mop of brown hair streaked with grey as well as the furry tail wound around his waist. The tail was half gone.

The clothing he wore was worthy of royalty, a dark yellow coat that went a little past his hips, and a boots that were the same colour, both interlaced with gold. His pants and cloak were a light green. Though he seemed use to the outfit, he wore them as if they weighed fifty tons.

On the side of his head over an ear he wore a scouter. He was currently examining its green screen and as he examined a certain bit of information, his brow furrowed making more lines.

"King Sedar?" The elderly man looked to see one of his guards.

"Yes?" Despite his age, Sedar managed to confey a natural sounding command to his voice.

"They're repersentatives from the guilds outside, sire, they wishes to speak to you. They say it is important and can't talk to anyone else but you."

"Then send them in."

Sedar looked at the door to the chamber and watched as members from the guilds enter the room, among them Tipear, the tsufuru-jin, and Saiy, the saiyman, whose hatred for each other was hardly disguised.

The rank of king seemed all the more heavy as Sedar looked at the men and women infront of him.

"And so it begins," he muttered.