This glossary will be updated as the story advances.

Enforcers, the: a band of kearns that are completely loyal to the enforcement of justice

Festival of the Oozaru, the: A celebration that occurs every full moon in which kearns in their oozaru states, practice control of the sudden power. Mainly attended by saiymen and many kearns enjoy it as well, but tsfuru-jin outright refuse to come, saying it is a primitive tradition.

Gerai: A title for a guild leader.

gutasha, the: the change or the transformation; Referring to the change into the oozaru by a kearn that has a tail.

jin: people or person (I am pretty sure that is what it means in japanese as well, but hey have an imagination!)

oozaru: A large monkey-like creature that is only achieved when a kearn with a tail looks at a full moon. In this form they have ten times more strength than normal.

Saiymen/Men of Saiy: The name for the men and women that follow Saiy, often used as the name for the members of the Vegeta Guild. Sometimes known as the saiy-jin.

tsfuru: science

Tsfuru-jin: people/person of science; name used for the followers of Tipear or member of the Guild Tsfuru

vegeta: strength

Zereuf: The kearn afterlife.