A Few Notes

I am going to focus on this fan fiction rather than my other ones for a while because I plan to enter this in a fanfic contest. Don't worry I still will be making updates on the other ones, just not as often.

You've probably heard the bits and pieces about the a people called the Tuffles or the tsufuru/tsufuru-jin. If you haven't they were a people that lived on Vegeta-sei with the saiyans, they were highly intelligent and focused on technology rather then fighting strength. Eventually they were wiped out by the saiyans. To be honest I don't known much more then that, so you'll have to deal, but if you have any more info on them please e-mail at teekoness@hotmail.com and tell me.

You'll notice that I'll call the saiyans the saiymen (saiyman when indivually) for a while but don't worry it will be explained eventually. There also be a people that I created called the kearns who I also will explain.

For a couple months now, I started to wonder about the tsufuru-jin more and more, this eventually led to me forming a story in my head about their past and their connection to the saiyans. As the idea made itself into a complete picture I decided the story would focus on both of the peoples rather than just the tsurfu-jin and I plan to tell you a story about the harsh past of Vegeta-sei or as it use to be known as Planet Plant.

By the way whatever romance is going to be in this fanfic won't be happening for a long time.

Thank you,