King Kai walked across down the path that bisected his planet. The sky was the never changing blue that extended farther than the eye could see, stretching into infinite, a tiresome colour that would never go away. The grass glinted with the bits of water that had been sprinkled on when he had watered the grass. So very fresh and alive. The spots that had been dug into the ground when Goku had been trying to hit Gregory with a mallet had been fixed and the grass was now a perfect green blanket.

The planet was tiny and it only took a minute for him to be in sight of his house and Goku working out. His only pupil he had had in a thousand years was training for arrival of the saiyans Nappa and Vegeta. Ever since he had told Goku about the saiyans destroying the people called the tsufuru, the North Kai had noticed the young man's efforts triple. It seemed as though Goku was determined to push away his own saiyan heritage through his actions.

King Kai sighed, his face, the colour and that annoying sky, shaking under the pressure of what he knew. That one terrible truth. Feeling his insides grind together as he watched his pupil execute a furious display of punches and kicks.

He'll be sent against his own people. It is safer he believes them to be evil for the sake of Earth and those he holds dear. A lie or a stretch of reality is easier to accept than the truth and if knows that he may not be able to do what he must.

Another sigh racked his body and he headed over to Goku who stopped and smiled at his current master.

"King Kai," Goku said, his pointy black hair as obvious as ever, "I think a got the hang of the Kaio-ken Attack."

"Very impressive!" answered the Kai forcing a grin onto his face. "It usually takes most people five times the time to get use to that technique." Actually it usually took much longer that even that.

"Thank you, but what should I do now?" Goku said without the least bit of bragging in his voice, only an eagerness to learn more. A trait that many didn't have or use.

"Practice the Kaio-ken technique using energy attacks but make sure you don't blast the planet though. I don't want to pay for that being fixed." He spoke this normally but inwardly his mind was hardly even there.

Perhaps I should tell what really happened? It was hardly a one sided story, both of the peoples had a lot to do with it. What I told him wasn't completely lying, but…

"Are you okay?" asked Goku, his face radiating concern. He seemed to sense that something was wrong.

"No, I am fine," King Kai lied, "I am just tired, so I think I'll take a nap while you practice."

"Well alright," Goku said but he looked at his teacher with an unsure expression on his face, then shrugged and shouting 'Kaio-ken Attack!' he sent a huge red and white ki blast off into space.

The North Kai headed towards his igloo-shaped house at a slow pace but when finally getting there he paused and turned around and found his student staring right back at him.

"Goku…" he started.

"Yes, King Kai?"

The Kai looked into his pupil's dark eyes. He saw power, compassion, and idealism. The last thing was Goku's greatest strength, yet his greatest weakness as well. Finally he came to his decision.

"Nothing, Goku… Nothing at all." And then he stepped over to the door of his house, opened it and entered, the inner turmoil entering with him.