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Welcome my friends (and hopefully not my enemies) to my little corner of the net. I am Teekoness, the crazy Canadian who runs this site and as you may guess has a little obsession with Dragon Ball. At my site you'll find a decent amount of fanfics that I've written and some very good links to sites that are much better than this place. *sigh*

This place was made by Microsoft Word so unfortunately it has a bund of limits when it comes to design, but on the other hand it saves storage space.

I hope you enjoy yourself and if you wish e-mail me at if youwant.


November 20-2002 -Next chapter of WHC is out and up.

October 14-2002 -I finally got around to making a fan art section. It isn't anything special, but I hope you like it.

October 4-2002 -Chapter 4 of When Hearts Clash is up. School has hit me full throttle.

It's scary to think I am in grade twelve now. *shivers* I am liking it so far, but math…. I am doing okay, yet it is terrifyingly hard.

August 31-2002 -Well, I finally… FINALLY got the next chapter of When Hearts Clash out for reading. For those who don't know the fic, it is a comedy involving Goku trying to get Bulma and Vegeta together.

You may have noticed Kakarot's Revenge is now renamed 'The Second Soul'. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier.

August 16-2002 -The Afterword is up for KR and it is soon going to have a title change.

August 10-2002 -IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!!! Kakarot's Revenge now has the last chapter and epilogue up. Please if you've never reviewed at or send me an e-mail about it, please do now.


June 19-2002 -A new set up for the index and a banner too.

May 20-2002 -Finally I got an update for KR and I have to say it is probably my longest chapter yet. Only one more chapter and the epilogue in that series is left. Enjoy!!!!

May 4-2002 -Another chapter for KR is out on the town and I have a new link as well.

April 20-2002 -KR 13 is finally up and sorry for the delay.





Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball in any of its versions. I only own my invented characters. I am not making money off this site either. If I were I could afford to use decent software for this place.