That's a good question. It's time to tell you a bit about where I came from as well as what I am doing now, though if you want more information on my current activities you should go to 'My Family Section.'

A Quick Bio

I started life with one brother Patrick and my parents together, by the age of eight this all changed. In a flash, my parents divorced and me and Patrick were ferried from house to another again and again. Eventually Mum moved in with my future step-father and I found myself with four step-brothers, Alastair, Ian, Thomas and Chris.

In denial, I went through a period of depression which landed me with very few friends and a bad temper. Thankfully, like all things this passed and in the long run made me mature a great deal in a short time. Now I am tougher and more resiliant. Still, it was years before I felt truly happy. My savior was my high school,a place where there was so many people that you were bound to find someone you got along with.

Currently, I am in grade twelve and am preparing for post-secondary education.


I currently go to the high school Vancouver Technical Secondary School in which I am grade twelve. It's a good school with many different classes. Our school mascot is a Talisman. You know the guy who runs around with nothing but a huge mask on.


Where else can you find a class dedicated to teaching the kids computer animation? I take Comparitive Civilizations, English, Math, Info Tech, Ceramics, Drama, Community Service, and Physics. My Info Tech is the reason I made this site and is the first real computer class I've ever taken. My least favourite is Math, which though Ms. Moor is a great teacher, the part on probability are enough to make your head spin. Physics, though also a type of math, seems much easier in comparison.

Other Kids

Contrary to rumours, the students of Van Tech are not a bunch of cruel, drug addicted teens. We are pretty much average. We have much diversity which makes for an open-minded student body. The amount of discrimination is tiny whether religion, race or sex.



This is probably the first hobby I ever seriously got into. I started playing the cello at the age of six under the tutelege of Audrey Nodwell. As I progressed I eventually transfered to a more advanced teacher Catherine Carmak who I have been with the last seven years. Under her I learned how to play chamber music which I do every Tuesday. I am now also am a member of the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra Senior Orchestra and if you want learn more about them click on the picture to the right.


I've always loved art and currently, do not only frequent sketches, but work with clay and cartooning. My cartoons are "Into This World" (one picture strip) and "Katey's World" (a strip based on real life experiences).


Even when I couldn't write I loved telling stories and after drawing pictures I'd have her put words next to them. When I did learn to write it was only natural for me do a lot of it. I've always loved the way the words flow across the page when I'm feeling and even the challenge of improving it bit by bit. The greatest thing about it is no matter what there is hundreds of things to learn.

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