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Ever noticed that it is about twenty times harder to write about yourself than it is to write about someone else?

That is exactly what I am going through right now. I am looking at my stupid computer screen and typing mindlessly whatever comes to the top of my head whether it be stupid or not. Kami help me from making a complete idiot of myself but I honestly think this is the best way to properly introduce myself.

I'll start with the basics.

My real name is Laura that always forces me to think about that one book and TV show called 'Little House on the Prarie' and for some reason can't stand. Don't ask me why. I just can't stand it and I can't give one good reason why I don't like it.

As a child ("You're still a child!" says Mum) I went by Laura Ruth since Ruth is my middle name and afterward being called Laura Ruthie one too many times I started getting annoyed. I guess the last straw was when my name went from Laura Ruth to Laura Oof because of the clutziness that plagued me at the time.

I am currently sixteen, in grade eleven and am experiencing by far the toughest year of school ever and constantly tempt fate by saying "It can't get any worse." I suppose I am average height for my age, 5ft "6, and have dark blonde and dark eyes that are turquoise. I am mainly Caucassion in heritage but have a hint of portugese blood that means it takes a lot for me to burn and I brown very quickly.

I live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and love this place through and through (though it could use a little more sunshine) and have six brothers. Usually when I mention this fact I get wide-eyed stares and comments like "You're kidding?" or "Ouch, I am glad I am not you." Yes, I have one full brother, four step brothers, one half brother and not one sister. I am also smack in the middle of this circus for better or for worse.

I got into the world of Dragon Ball about six years back when I saw the orginal series on YTV the kids station in my area. I instantly fell in love and it became a weekly tradition to watch it every Saturday, until one fateful day they stopped showing it. I of course went on with my life and then a few years later I saw a clip of Gohan fighting Nappa. I at first thought the little warrior was a girl, unfortunately I didn't see the show again for about another year.

When I finally started watching DBZ regurally, my favourite character was Gohan, and like all the characters I like in other shows, he is one I also want to smack over the head the most. Don't ask me why, I just do.

After I got internet, my passion went up and over the hill. I eventually started reading fanfics and fate brought me to a site called Chelsee's Fan Land where I found not only some of the best fics I've ever read, but a link that brought me to a place that I could post my own (you can find her site in my link section. I had written some stories based on the Z senshi but when I got some feedback, I started working harder at it. I would like to say to Chelsee THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I started writing, I also found other DB characters that I like as much as my beloved Gohan, they are Krillin and Vegeta. Vegeta because of his interesting past (he intrigues me) and Krillin because he always tries to help his friends even when he seriously out classed. I am also very fond of Chi Chi and Goku who are my favourite couple.

In the main part I can say this. I am not the most obsessed DB fan out there. I just like the Anime and tha's it.