Krillin ended up having many things that might have been laughs and they continued until the girl gave him a sharp look that was quite surprising for someone so young. He stopped none the less.

"Well, do you want that arm fixed or not?" the female Queris asked impatiently. "It's already infected, if I don't treat it might well need to be amputated."

He grimaced and hastily nodded. The girl took his good arm and gently guided him to a table and chair near by where she sat him down.

She then went back to the place where Airist lay and picked up a lantern and a bag that had a circle had a circle that was broken into thirds, one filled in, another blank, and the last one filled with wavy lines. Then grabbing a wad of bandages walked back over.

"What's that?" he asked pointing to the interesting circle.

"The Polinom Circle," the girl answered rummaging through the bag, hardly noticing the human. "It's the symbol of the monks here since they are primarily healers."

She noticed the questioning look on Krillin's face and continued. "The sections shown are earth, water, and air, the circle itself has many different meanings from anywhere from the sun to the connection of all these things. Monks use this symbol because together those things are the most nurturing things in the universe."

Krillin thought he saw an error in the idea. "But those things can harm as well as help. Water can drown you. Earth can bury you. I suppose in it's own way air can help fire destroy."

The youth gave him a small smile. "If there were no destruction the world would be overpopulated and there would be no room for anything to truly live it would just be a different kind of destruction. It wouldn't be better or worse. That doesn't mean people should go around killing it just means you can't hide from every aspect of life."

She had got him there. Strange it seemed like someone other than a little kid was talking.

"By the way I am Krillin," he offered her a hand to shake. "And you?…"

"Keely," she replied.

She apparently didn't notice the hand as she dug through her bag and the human bashfully retrieved his hand. Finally Keely found what she was looking for, placed the earthling's bad arm on the table and produced a small bottle, which's watery substance she applied to his arm.

"Uh, what's that for?" the human asked as his arm went numb.

"It's for helping to remove the obstructions from your arm. It will make the pain easier." Keely said. " You probably have something in there to make such a bad infection whether it be dirt, stones, or…"

"Wood," Krillin said remembering the tree he had smashed into the other day, then his eyes widened as he saw Keely produce a pair of rather big twizzers.

"Right," the girl agreed. "Now keep your arm still."

"HEY!" he protested, nervously eyeing the twizzers with an obvious dislike. "WAIT ONE DARN SECOND!"

Now I am afraid of little kids, he thought.

Keely didn't decide to be patient. "Okay mister here's the choice, either you let me fix your arm or it will get a whole lot worse."

"Alright," Krillin sighed.

Oh, great I am taking orders from little girls.

Though he had no experience with having a mother but with the tales he had heard from Gohan and Trunks this seemed to fit the description except the mother figure was less than half your age.

It wasn't as bad as he expected (with his arm not Keely) he sat on chair trying to stay relaxed the substance she had put on him numbed almost all the pain but the main thing that bothered him was his limb getting poked and prodded from the inside.

(A/N Author would like to say she don't envy Krillin for having twizzers inside his arm. *shivers*)

In a few minutes Keely's twizzers grabbed something and the human bit down on his lip viciously as she started to wiggle it out. Unfortunately for him this part was very painful.

"So what's the deal with you and the master," she asked as another jolt of pain wrenched through the warrior.

"He taught me the martial arts when I was monk at a temple not unlike this one, and stayed there until I got an offer with a better teacher and so I went."

Keely made a sly smirk. "I suppose Master Elfital was much too easy on you for to deal with."

Elfital had been everything but easy on the earthling, it had driven him nuts a lot of the time. It had seemed that no matter how hard he had worked that master had always found a fault and would point it out to everyone.

The master also seemed to single him out from the other students not just in classes but out of them as well, teaching him things that seemed to have nothing to do with the martial arts. One good example of this had been Ying and Yang the two opposing forces.

Still, Elfital hadn't been the only master with different tastes. Hey Master Roshi collected porn magazines.

"YOW!" yiped Krillin as a huge splinter of wood was pulled out from his limb. It was about half the length of a pencil, as thick as a finger and covered in blood. No wonder his arm had hurt.

"I think that's enough of it out," Keely said picking up the splinter and throwing it as straight as an arrow into a garbage can about five metres away. She then cleaned the wound with a stingy substance that smelled like alcohol and tightly encircled it with a clean white bandage.

Krillin tested his arm when she was done. It still hurt but now it seemed to have more of a dull healing ache to it rather then a full out screaming, give it a day or two and it would be completely healed.

"Thanks," he said gratefully and then with a bit of curiosity he added "How do you know about Master Elfital's well… enthusiasm."

"Big brother," she said. "He use was an Apprentice like me though he had completed his physical training in that point but decided he wasn't ready mentally to be a yurari. Westlin decided he would break the general conduct and become a yurari without permission. Either way he still complains about it."

"Westlin?" Krillin said his eyebrows raising. She did look like him the same dark hair and eyes and she was also tall for her age even by Queris standards.

Keely looked a uneasy at this remark; her hands squeezing the medical bag but quickly recovered her self-position. "Uh, it'll be sunup soon, you should take the time you have to get some more sleep."

"Alright." It would be nice to get some more energy and not feel like a dead man walking. He started back to his room for what seemed like the thousandth time in the last couple day.

Little did he know he wouldn't be getting there anytime soon.


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